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Sant Nirankari Mission Fort Lauderdale

Radio Ruhaniyat


Date Episode
09-29-18 The Watchman! Don’t Judge! Everyone is fighting a battle!
09-22-18 The 99 Club! Greed Fails the Greedy!
09-15-18 Water in the Basket! The Holy Scriptures!
09-08-18 Guru & God! Sant Nirankari Mission!
09-01-18 The Watermelon Seeds! Give the Best & Receive the Best!
08-25-18 Cristiano Ronaldo | Selflessness is the key to Success!
08-18-18 Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji! Strength Personified!
08-11-18 The Satguru’s Hand! We are the Soul, not the Body!
08-04-18 The Wrong Funeral! -God’s Calculated Moves
06-30-18 Happiness & Sorrow! -State of Mind!
06-16-18 The Daily Chapatti! Evil & Good!
06-09-18 Acceptance! Ups & Downs of Life!
06-02-18 Ducks Quack, Eagles Soar! Power of Choice!
05-26-18 Babita at Lowes! Honesty is the best policy!
05-19-18 The Purpose of Life!
05-12-18 Tension of the Opposites! Samarpan!
05-05-18 The Weight of Butter! As you Sow, So shall you Reap!
04-28-18 The Bus Ride! Our Journey Together is Too Short!
04-21-18 The Mustard Seed! Acceptance!
04-14-18 The Mensa Convention! Simplicity is an Art!
04-07-18 The Baby with a Bic Lighter! Destined to Serve!
03-31-18 The Last Supper! Happy Easter!
03-24-18 Rumors on Pieces of Paper! Think Before you Speak!
03-17-18 The African in the Restaurant! Discrimination!
03-10-18 International Women’s Day! The Grandmother’s Hands!
03-03-18 Happy Holi! The Colors of Unity!
02-17-18 Pray For Parkland! The Valentine Tragedy!
02-10-18 Love went on Vacation! Happy Valentines Day!
02-03-18 Spirituality: From Dawn To Dusk!
01-27-18 Needs And Wants! The Desire to Achieve!


Date Episode
12-30-17 Colonel Heartland Sanders! This is Your Year To Sparkle!
12-23-17 The Olympic Diver! Turn On the Blessings!
12-16-17 Hole in the Boat! Be The Change!
12-09-17 The Football Score! Relax! It’s Just a Bend, Not the End!
12-02-17 The Silversmith! God’s Purification!
11-11-17 Be Potentially Divine! Be the Environment!
11-04-17 Jenny & The Pearls! Detached Attachment!
10-28-17 Happiness & Sorrow! -A State of Mind!
10-21-17 The Fisherman’s Net! Escape the Net of Maya!
10-14-17 Happy Diwali 2017!
10-07-17 Fifteen Soldiers and the Teashop! Faith: He answers our Prayers!
09-30-17 The Watermelons! Give the Best to Receive the Best!
09-16-17 The Sparrow Hawk! Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul!
09-02-17 The Turtle and the Salt! Live for others - Dust If You Must!
08-26-17 Little Girl on the Window Sill! Rely on God!
08-19-17 Acorns and the Pumpkins! God Is Always Right!
08-12-17 Age-Old Questions! Everything Happens for a Reason!
08-05-17 Ruth and the Special Guest! Have You Met God Yet?
07-29-17 Akbar & Birbal! Make God a Priority!
07-22-17 In Line For Fruit From God! The Ripe Time!
07-15-17 Michael and his Medications! The Satguru comes into this world for entire Humanity!
07-08-17 Desires! Needs And Wants!
07-01-17 Sinduja’s Sacrifice! Living For Others!
06-24-17 Food from the Devil! Faith & Self-Worth!
06-17-17 Satsang in Parkland! The Power of Prayer!
06-10-17 Happiness & Sorrow –A State of Mind!
05-27-17 The Peas Biryani! God is the Power Behind it all!
05-20-17 Mark and Bill! Humanity!
05-13-17 Samarpan Diwas! Nirankari Baba: His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj!
05-05-17 Life and the Ant! The Hassles Of Life!
04-29-17 A Rare Cancer! The Power Of Prayer!
04-22-17 The Purpose of Life!
04-15-17 Easter 1946! "The Rich Family in our Church!
04-08-17 The Tortoise and the Hare! Team Work!
04-01-17 Michael JORDAN! Where there is a will, there is a way!
03-25-17 #1 on the Hut Door! God is always #1!
03-18-17 God's Grace! Skattar Sandhu Ji’s Experience!
03-11-17 The Special Order Refrigerator! Count Your Blessings!
03-04-17 3rd Annual Women’s Seminar! A Focus on the Body, Mind & Soul of a Woman!
02-25-17 The Tea Cup! Pain & Suffering!
02-18-17 The Bus Ride! Our Journey Together is Too Short!
02-11-17 Happy Valentine’s Day! Healthy Relationships!
02-04-17 The Two Beggars! Blessed Is He; Whom God Helps!
01-28-17 Water in the Basket! The Holy Scriptures!
01-21-17 Trust God! Pastor & the Caller ID!
01-14-17 God's Plan
01-07-17 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND –The Murder Mystery!


Date Episode
12-31-16 Happy New Year!
12-24-16 The Tablecloth. Merry Christmas!
12-17-16 EGO: OUR BIGGEST ENEMY - Lamborghini Vs. Ferrari!
12-10-16 TWO FROGS IN THE MILK! -Knowing God!