From time immemorial, the relationship of a Teacher and Disciple has been the most integral part of the process of learning and enlightenment. Imagine, even in the so-called modern times, we try and send our children to the best possible educational institution, so that they receive the most authentic knowledge and experience from a discerning set of teachers. Such is the importance of a true teacher, across all realms of time, subject and circumstance; highest of course when it relates to questions of soul, oversoul and purpose of life. The same being emphasized and endorsed by various saints, sages and scriptures from time to time.

The Nirankari Mission was also established on a similar foundation of a living Satguru. The tradition continues under the blissful aegis of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj today.

Here is a brief introduction into the lives of the Masters of the Nirankari Mission, who have left behind a legacy of God-Realization and righteous living.