Baba Buta Singh Ji


Baba Buta Singh Ji was born in Hadwal village of present-day Pakistan. He was spiritually inclined since childhood and had a deep fondness for holy scriptures. Compassionate and kind, he was a seeker of the eternal truth. In 1913, during a congregation, while he was singing a spiritual hymn, tears rolled down from his eyes. Looking at him, Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji asked Buta Singh Ji- “Do you know the one you are calling? Only knowing him in absoluteness can actually make your prayers meaningful”

Baba Buta Singh Ji immediately realized that he had found a true guide and mentor. He received God-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) from Kahan Singh Ji right there. Thereafter, for 14 long years he travelled all across to spread the light of truth. In 1929, he established the Sant Nirankari Mission. Before his merger with the almighty in 1943 at Kohmari, Baba Buta Singh Ji handed over the responsibility of the mission to his discerning disciple, Avtar Singh ji.