Baba Avtar Singh Ji

BABA AVTAR SINGH JI MAHARAJ (31st DEC 1899 – 17th SEP 1969)

Baba Avtar Singh Ji was born in Latifal village of present-day Pakistan. He was honest, hard-working and extremely religious by nature, oblivious though, of the eternal truth. He was blessed with the true awareness of the formless, when in May 1929 he met Baba Buta Singh ji. Since then, Avtar Singh ji dedicated his entire life to his Satguru (True Master). In 1943, Baba Buta Singh Ji handed over the baton of truth to Baba Avtar Singh Ji, before leaving his mortal form. Baba Avtar Singh ji was addressed as ‘Shahenshah Ji’ by his devotees, with affection and faith.

After the 1947 Indo-Pak partition, Baba Avtar Singh Ji established the Sant Nirankari Mandal in Delhi, India, providing an effective administrative structure to run the activities of the rapidly expanding mission. He blessed mankind with the profound message through the Sampuran Avtar Vani. His remarkable contributions also include educating and empowering people to break the chains of ritualism and superstitions. His far-sightedness, incredible courage and conscientiousness continued to inspire thousands of devotees. In 1962, Baba Avtar Singh ji entrusted mission’s responsibility to Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, deciding to lead the rest of his life as a normal devotee. For the next around seven years, he lived his life with complete surrender in the lotus feet of his Satguru Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, before merging with the almighty in 1969.