Baba Hardev Singh Ji

BABA HARDEV SINGH JI MAHARAJ (23rd FEB 1954 – 13th MAY 2016)

Baba Hardev Singh Ji was born in Delhi with Gurbachan Singh Ji and Kulwant Kaur Ji as parents. Right from his childhood, Hardev Singh Ji had an extraordinary persona. He was blessed to stay in the company of many enlightened saints. He was always peaceful and patient in his behavior. After the sudden demise of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji in 1980, he addressed the distraught and aggrieved devotees of the Nirankari Mission with these sublime words- “Any emotion of vengeance will go against the doctrines established and lived by Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, for which he laid his life.” These profound words by Baba Hardev Singh Ji, who was now heading the mission as its Satguru, provided the much-needed stability and direction to the devotees.

As an ambassador of peace and truth, Baba Hardev Singh Ji undertook numerous salvation tours across India and overseas. His unique messages like peaceful co-existence, a world without walls and harmony in oneness etc. Not only impressed everyone, but also changed the lives of many. Recognizing the widespread impact of Baba Ji’s teachings, the United Nations (U.N.O.) honored the Sant Nirankari Mission with special consultative status in 2012, which was later upgraded to general consultative status in 2018.

A messiah of divinity and humanness, Baba Hardev Singh Ji can unequivocally be described as pure personification of love. His magnanimity, simplicity, ingenuity and tenacity gave the mission a multi-dimensional outreach. His mesmerizing smile, divine attraction, sweet words, compassionate heart, humble nature and unconditional forgiveness will remain etched as an indelible memory in the hearts and minds of generations to come. The mankind lost his physical form on 13th May 2016 in an unfortunate accident.