Community Service

The Sant Nirankari Mission has been contributing to the social upliftment, relief and rehabilitation of the society for the last 90 years along with its core ideology of spiritual awareness.

Through various programs and initiatives of the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation, the mission has been serving mankind and contributing selflessly towards making this world a better place to live in. Be it Blood donation drives, cleanliness or tree plantation drives, organizing health check-up camps or campaigns for social issues, or be it providing relief and rehabilitation during social calamities, the Mission and its volunteers have been at the forefront to serve with a sense of duty and not favour. Even during the current Covid-19 crisis the Mission came forward in support of our affected brothers and sisters across the world. The Sant Nirankari Mission contributed to the PM Cares Fund along with some other State CM funds. Lakhs of ration kits were distributed along with serving fresh langar (community meal) to millions of starving families. Sanitization drives, free PPE kits, providing our Satsang Bhawans for quarantine, blood donation drives and much more took shape as sewa from the Mission, during the deadly pandemic. The enitre process and protocol of sanitization, social distancing and wearing of masks etc were followed diligently by all those in sewa. The Mission also acted responsibly by organising only online congregation programs, to avoid the spread of the virus.


“Na Hindu, na Sikh, Isaayi,

 Na hum Musalman Hain,

Maanavta hai dharm humaara, 

Hum keval insaan hain.

Hum hain Sewadar”

The Sant Nirankari Sewadal (SNSD) is a disciplined group of volunteers of the Sant Nirankari Mission dedicated to the selfless service of the humankind. These volunteers come from different backgrounds of the society.

It was in 1956 that Baba Avtar Singh ji established Sewadal. Within a little time of its coming to form, Nirankari Rajmata ji led to the establishment of the women’s wing of the sewadal. Since then, its volunteers have been participating in the Mission’s activities and through them, selflessly serving the humanity at large.

‘Nar sewa, Narayan pooja’. Serving the creation of God is serving God himself; and it is while serving selflessly that the ego is shed. And all that remains is a sense of contentment and divine bliss.

With this noble belief, lakhs of selfless sewadars (volunteers) of the Sewadal, all across the world, tirelessly work throughout the year with the blessings of Satguru. Working as a backbone of the mission, the Sant Nirankari Sewa Dal plays a crucial role in managing and giving shape to the spiritual congregations, various events and philanthropic activities undertaken and organized by the Sant Nirankari Mission.

“Life gets a meaning, if it is lived for others”.

This message of selflessly serving humanity, given by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj crystallised into the establishment of the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF) in 2010. SNCF is an organization with socio-charitable activities as its primary objective and selfless service of humanity as its pivotal philosophy. The Foundation has been formed to effectively implement the broad vision of Sant Nirankari Mission; the vision of reaching out to the ones in need and touching their lives with love, care and kindness; and with a firm belief that every person, community and nation has the power to heal and serve.

Viewing social upliftment as a moral responsibility, the Foundation endeavours to ‘Heal’, ‘Enrich’ and ‘Empower’ the underprivileged and needy sections of the society, with the ideology of ‘oneness’ at the core. From organising blood donation drives, health check-up camps and tree plantation drives, to running and providing value-based education and training through various schools, colleges and vocational centres, SNCF has come a long way. SNCF has adopted 3 villages in Haryana besides having worked to provide water in the tribal belt of Talasari, Maharashtra. The work that the foundation engages in with individuals, families and communities around the world is only made possible by the involvement of ordinary individuals with an extraordinary spirit of service.

Today, Under the aegis of Her Holiness Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, volunteers of Sant Nirankari Mission continue to tirelessly serve the humanity.

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Sant Nirankari Health City is a healthcare project envisioned by His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, to improve the health and wellness standards of the global community, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, financial status or position in the society.

The Health City to be built in North Delhi, shall play a pivotal role in global healthcare scenario, providing an inclusive and comprehensive health care. The Super Specialty Hospital would create a synergy between the World’s best and India’s best, facilitating therapeutic, preventative and rehabilitative healthcare solutions, while also ensuring comprehensive wellness for global community.