Ideology is the fundamental idea that forms the bedrock of thoughts, words and actions of the individuals of a community. The idea of being a nirankari is very simple, yet profound.

A nirankari is a ‘Sant’, trying to lead a simple saintly life at all times, in all places and among all relationships. Here, saintly does not mean dressing up in a specific way, rather embellishing our deeds with truth, love, tolerance, compassion and selfless service. A nirankari is guided towards selfless service by the mission’s first doctrine of Sewa, which does not mean helping or doing a favour; rather meeting out our responsibility being a human to serve others without seeking anything in return; it is indeed a blessing of god to have given us the intent, strength and intelligence to be able to serve others. We thus, thank the one who gives us an opportunity to serve. The mission and its devotees have been reaching out to the society through numerous such efforts and initiatives like blood donation camps, mass marriages, value-based centers of education, relief and rehabilitation of our brothers and sisters during natural calamities, tree plantation, cleanliness and social awareness drives etc. Even during the current Covid-19 crisis, the Mission contributed in numerous ways, all of which has been detailed in the Community Service section of the website.

We are ‘Nirankari’, which means we have been endowed with the spiritual truth and awareness of the eternal, formless, all-pervading almighty God by the grace of our Satguru; and with this one God, who may be addressed as Allah, Ishwar, Vitthal or Nirankar, our relationship is that of mindful remembrance. This one Nirankar becomes the source of our strength in times of weakness, our foundation of peace in times of turmoil, our fragrance of love in times of hatred and our key to moderation in times of ego and attachment. Our connect to Nirankar is effortless and smooth. All one has to do is recite the three lines of Simran and be aware of the Gyan (God-Realization) as bestowed by the Satguru. Here are the three magical lines that lead a soul to the sphere of nothingness:

“Tu Hi Nirankar” (Only YOU are the Formless Almighty God)
“Main Teri Sharan Haan” (I completely surrender unto YOU)
“Mainu Baksh Lo” (Forgive all my sins)

We are an all-embracing socio-spiritual dynamic and practical Mission, rather a movement dedicated to establish and maintain love, peace, equality, oneness and a world without walls, without any prejudice or discrimination. We strive to achieve this, first in our own lives and then in the lives of other brothers and sisters of the common humankind. This, we understand is possible only once we realize our true self by knowing god in the true and absolute manifestation through a living master, called Satguru (The dispeller of all darkness and the benefactor of eternal light). It becomes even more uncomplicated and manifest to experience, share and elevate the blissful state of mind, when we get to connect with other enlightened souls at the regularly organised Satsangs (Congregations) and Samagams (Large gatherings of devotees).