Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Canada (West): Calgary; Edmonton; Winnipeg; and Regina

Here is the gist of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj’s discourse, as blessed during the virtual Samagam of Canada (West), held on 17th September, 2021

1. The realisation of Almighty God makes every moment of our life joyous, as it has seeds of acceptance of the Divine Will.

2. Enlightened beings focus on the good in others. Our vision should have divinity after receiving the Brahmgyan. A pot of simple water turns fragrant, even if we add a few drops of rose water in it. Likewise, our mind exhibits divine conscientiousness after enlightenment.

3. Talking about a Rose, we think about its red colour, its softness and fragrance. We don’t think about its thorns at the outset. We eat fruits by discarding their peel and seeds etc. Do we throw away a banana, simply because it has a useless peel? Do we stop using a laptop, for the fact that it might attract some virus? No! Everything and every person has both a positive and a negative side to them. All we have to do is focus on the good.

4. A magnet attracts iron, where ever it is. It does not attract a cloth or a stone. Similarly, a saint attracts only goodness in the world. While looking at people or circumstances, we should use the filter of Nirankar, so that the mind remains protected from negativities.

5. A novice swimmer splashes more water and swims with lesser perfection that a seasoned swimmer. We also start throwing unnecessary and useless blames and comments on others, whilst focusing on their faults . Our ego drives us to this state. At times, some athletes claim that they will defeat their opponent in the upcoming event. But, usually when such players loose, they blame destiny rather than accepting their low performance or incompetence. Our mind, likewise, first falls prey to ego and then makes excuses.

6. Happiness does not lie in the outer circumstances, rather in our own inner decisions. If anyone can change our state of mind, then it is only ourselves. It is thus said, “The only competition we should have is with ourself.” We, thus, have to improve ourself only.

7. When we see others, we start to see their shortcomings; to the extent that we don’t stop this behaviour even when we are alone. Even while being alone, we don’t introspect to change ourself and improve upon our mistakes, remaining focused on the external world. Only mindful remembrance of Nirankar can take us towards actual transformation. We should always thank God for His creation and His grace.

8. When we focus on the vices in others, very soon those vices become a part of our behaviour. A child who use to blame his parents for being stubborn, was blamed by his friend similarly, with the words,” You are also stubborn like your parents.” We become what we see in others and think about others. 

9. We have to weigh ourselves in the scale which keeps our focus on the good in others and the shortcomings in ourself.

* * *


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