Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Here is a synoptic compilation of the blissful messages of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as delivered during the virtual Sunday Satsang of 29th August, 2021

1. Today, we are also remembering the life and teachings of Nirankari Rajmata Ji, who held Gurmat in very high esteem; above every materialistic aspect of life. She spread the message of Truth along with complete fulfilment of her worldly duties. She observed the doctrines of devotion selflessly without letting her relationships in Guru Parivar affect the same in any way. 

2. Rajmata ji and Mata Savinder ji lived inspirational lives, which are footsteps for us to follow.

3. Devotion lies not in religious transformation but, rather in the transformation of our thoughts. Numerous people read different scriptures; which are undoubtedly sacred. But, the benefit of these can be attained only if we follow their message.

4. A true devotee’s words match their actions without any pretentious or misleading expression. The one who carries tears in eyes but, malice in heart, cannot be a true devotee.

5. It is often said we need reformers who can reform themselves. Before we say or guide someone; it is important to translate the same through our deeds.

6. If someone has been devoid of love and affection in life, they should try to share the love they had always seeked from others, rather than holding any grudge. For those who have received love and respect in life, all they need to do is share it in greater magnitude.

7. At times, when people do not receive the same treatment as they have meted out to others, they start blaming destiny or God for it. But, a true devotee instead remains in gratitude of God. He gives benefit of doubt to others, maintaining that they might be facing some challenge in their emotional or circumstantial condition.

8. Like the difference in the fingers of our hand and like the differences of various organs of the same body, people in the world have different behaviours. But, that does not make them good or bad. It is the vices that are to be avoided not people. Rather than pointing fingers at others, it is better to accept people.

9. Before sharing a bitter fact with someone; we can share our disturbed state of mind before hand and seek forgiveness in advance. If our discussions our held at ethereal level, we can avoid differences in relationships.

10. The scriptures mention that God made man in his own image. If we are the light of God then, that divinity should be evident on our face. Let us always keep a positive approach to things and surrender every action to Nirankar. Listening to baseless negative things and spreading them is harmful for us. Before we share or forward something, we should ascertain its genuineness.

11. We should share the grief of others with empathy and use our wisdom which is bestowed by God. If we can’t speak something good, it is better to remain silent. We have to walk on the path of Sewa, Simran and Satsang with realisation of God. Let us posses, saintly qualities and inspire others to do that too. May Nirankar bless all.

* * *


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