Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): July 11, 2021

Here are some life changing and inspiring messages from the discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in a virtual Sunday Satsang on 11th July, 2021: –

1. Brahmgyan is invaluable. To manage this spiritual wealth and maintain faith in Nirankar, we need to regularly talk about its various practical dimensions with others and also try to lead a life based on this God Knowledge (Brahmgyan).

2. Satsang always makes us spiritually mature. Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj use to give the example, wherein an orange seller’s call of ‘Achhe Santre’ could be heard as ‘Achhe Sang Tare’, meaning that wise company can lead us to salvation.

3. We need to keep all those thoughts away from our mind, which hamper our growth as an ideal human being. We usually hear “Be what you want to be but, first be a good human”. Name, fame and wealth are of no use if we cease to be a good human. A poet said-“Gharon pe naam they, naamon ke sath ohde they, bahut talash kiya, par insaan na mila” (Houses had names, names had designations but, even after a deep search, a true human could not be found).

4. The solution for all our problems is Nirankar, selfless Sewa and Satsang. Our presence in Satsang should not be forced, rather it should be out of our own choice, inclination and deep quest for bliss. The glory of Satsang cannot be expressed in words. Even a little time and a small message from the Satsang can change our life.

5. A devotee is in bliss with Nirankar and lives without carrying the weight of undue stress in life. The example of a person who carries a heavy bag on his head, even while he is travelling in the train is a case in point. He perhaps forgets that he can travel light by putting the bag on the floor of the train. The train is anyways carrying him, his bag and other passengers too.

6. To surrender the reigns of our life to Nirankar or to hold the same ourselves, is completely our choice. A true devotee always lives in complete surrenderance to the Almighty God.

7. Before creating a wall between others and ourself, we create a similar wall in our mind. A poet wrote-” Main apni rah mein deewar ban ke baitha hoon, agar wo aaya tou kis raaste se aayega” (I am sitting like a wall on my own path, if someone wishes to come to me, how will he reach me). So, we have to demolish all walls of differences by seeing Nirankar in everyone.

8. Sampuran Avtar Bani mentions that the company of saints brings a spiritual glow on our face and keeps our mind stable. This is because in Satsang, we are connected to Nirankar and become stress free by leaving everything to the will and grace of Nirankar. Satsang bestows humility, peace and composure to our mind.

9. At times, we might feel that every time we hear the same old things in Satsang. But, the fact is that Truth is eternal. This ancient truth is ever new and ever relevant saints and sages repeat the same facts in separate eras, using different examples and methods.

10. We should listen to Satsang in totality, not focusing only on the last discourse because, each saint offers some divine thought by connecting with Nirankar. Each thought is a valuable lesson for us. The one who thinks he has enough knowledge and does not need to learn any more, does not perhaps even belong to the category of being a Devotee (Gursikh).

11. Each and every teaching and activity in Satsang, transforms us. Even bowing to greet to another saint (Dhan Nirankar) is a lesson in humility. We need to rise above the differences of wealth, caste, color etc. by observing the presence of Nirankar in all; making our lives blissful.

* * *


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