Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): July 2, 2021

Central Europe Countries: France Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Ukrain, Switzerland and Greece

Here are some inspiring and life changing messages from the Holy discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, which She delivered on 02/07/21 during the virtual Overseas Satsang programme of Central Europe:-

1. The essence of service to others is selflessness. If we keep this in mind, then even small acts of kindness done at home or office etc. will also become Sewa.

2. The mind can remain composed only if it is connected to the stable and eternal Nirankar. It is also said “Know God, Know Peace”. If we want to remain immersed in the presence of God, there are many ways for that, even if we are in some distant place. The Mission comes up with many programs like Kids Divine, Voice Divine, News Divine, Bhakti Sangeet and Soul Vibes etc. to uplift our faith in Nirankar.

3. If we claim to be non-judgmental and tolerant, than it should be visible from our behaviour. It is seen that we become narrow minded and intolerant even over trivial and invalid reasons.

4. A healthy debate turns into an argument because of our ego. Only remembrance of Nirankar can mitigate vanity from our mind. The first principle that we got before receiving Brahmgyan itself tells us to get rid of the ego of body, mind and possessions.

5. If we see everyone with the vision of Brahmgyan then, everyone will seem like our own family member. Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj also use to say that we first need to bring down the walls of hatred and judgement from our mind, in our effort to realise the ideal state of ‘A world without walls’. We raise huge walls of discrimination and hatred around us, leaving no breathable space for ourself.

6. In relationships, rather than waiting for the other person to seek forgiveness, we should initiate and ask for forgiveness. We have to learn to ‘let go’. We expect forgiveness from others instantly but, carry grudges in our heart over a long time. This will only harm us, by keeping us anxious and bitter.

7. On the other hand, if we have made an unintentional mistake, we should seek forgiveness from Nirankar. Carrying guilt in our heart is also harmful. So, seeking forgiveness is important for our internal stability and growth.

8. We often look at a person’s face and say that such and such person is ‘Good at Heart’. Likewise, when someone is in stress, it shows on his face. As a matter of fact, our outer appearance and beauty is worthy, only is our inner self is calm, clean and pious. This is possible by mindful remembrance of Nirankar and doing Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

9. The Almighty God has blessed each one of us with enough gifts in life. Some people express gratitude, while some keep complaining. Some see good in everything, while others see evil.

10. Two children were observing clouds and talking about the various shapes they could imagine in their mind. One said I can see an elephant, the other said I can see a home. On seeing a strange shape, one child said that this is beyond our comprehension; maybe we will learn about this when we grow up. A child also knows that we can all always learn something or the other in life. But, grownups forget this and start thinking that they know everything.

11. We go to the extent of thinking that a certain work was done due to our ability otherwise, it would not have been possible. Well, Nirankar can get anything done from anyone. A poet said “Samjhega aadmi ko wahan kaun aadmi, banda jahan khuda ko khuda manta nahin” (Who would care for humans at a place where people don’t believe in God). Some people are so deeply implicated in self glorification and ego that they, in a way, consider themselves superior to even God.

12. It is important for us to remain rooted in Truth with our belief in Nirankar. Our life and life style should be fluid and humble, just like a stream of pure water.

13. We have to care for each other, as all are men of God. Before showing mirror to others, we need to work on ourself, keeping the mirror of our mind clean. We should work to transform our vices into virtues by looking at this mirror. Self introspection and self correction can make us wiser and blissful at heart.

* * *


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