Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): May 30; June 02; and June 04, 2021

May 30, 2021: Sunday Satsang

Spirituality brings a positive transformation in the behavior and thought process of those who follow it in their life. God Knowledge helps us in this transformation.

In the second week Sunday spiritual discourse; Eternal Truth was discussed and communicated that the prime objective of a human being is to establish a connection with the supreme, feel the Divine Presence in each moment and to adorn our personality with noble human values.

One should be alert and responsible of personal responses, be perceptive as well as sensitive not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Many a times after saying harsh words to others we realize our mistake and then apologize too but, the damage has already been done because our apology is incapable of erasing the emotional suffering of the person who has been afflicted. Suppose, a thin hair of our eyelashes goes into the eye, then it will surely cause irritation until removed; even then as an after effect, the redness in the eye will linger on for quite some time. The point to be noted here is that the benchmark of self awareness is to be an evolved being, expected to be positive all ways.

The realization of God Knowledge is the base from where the devotion rises towards much greater heights of spiritual adoration. Just like the yardstick to measure the height of a place is from the sea level and we often use the terminology of, below sea level or above sea level. Similarly, the noble thoughts and deeds are the yardstick to evaluate the spiritual quotient of a God Realized person. Therefore, one must improvise on his or her potential to be spiritually Divine by sincere efforts and definitely not outshine by demeaning the fellow beings. 

June 02, 2021: Southern States of India

1st June is considered as the World Family Day or Parents Day that signifies the concept of “Vasudev Kutumbkam”; the world is one big family. This term reminds us of our social and spiritual responsibilities. Since, each individual together comprises the world and if each individual considers himself as the starting point of reform then he has to select the path of devotion, align the self with the Almighty (Nirankar) and stay away from all sorts of distractions.

Let us observe a common housefly that will sit on anything sweet but, as soon as it sees the garbage, it prefers to sit on that. Therefore, it is very important to make correct choices; follow them sincerely and rejoice the spiritual bliss.

Selfless contributions organized for the family, society, country and the universe always generate positive vibrations, similar to the ripple effect created when a stone is thrown into the stagnant waters. First a huge circle is formed, which is followed by concentric circles and are seen slowly merging in the waters. Certainly, the throwing of the stone creates a commotion in the still waters. Similarly, the presence of saints is to awaken the human being from the slumber of ignorance and ignite the light of God Knowledge. Henceforth, we must continue to contribute to the best of our abilities so that it inspires others too. We should do our best to spread God Knowledge amongst those individuals who are living with a limited vision in their mind and heart.

Truth has a delightful power to communicate its essence to everyone even if it is conveyed in a different language. The entity of Eternity is eternal. One should be selfish to avail all opportunities in the development of self introspection and self analysis. One should be sensitive to the feelings of fellow beings and appreciate others for their services rather than being casual; taking someone for granted or speaking rudely. Unknowingly, the integrity is lost; as a result the impact of reciprocation is such that one hurts the other person.

One should be vigilant in fulfilling ones responsibilities to spread maximum joy and never be instrumental in hurting anyone. Coordination and team work gives us remarkable outputs. The best way to spread God Knowledge is to walk the talk, set an example by living the noble values in our day to day life; so that maximum eyes get the chance to see the Supreme and maximum number of ears listen to the Truth.

Therefore, we have to walk on the righteous path laid down by our saints and sages with commitment and sincerity. Maintaining a balance in fulfilling our obligatory duties for the family, society and self while living as a householder is a must. Let us become the best version of ourselves, incorporate the values in our nature and thus, be virtuous in our character not for false glorification but, for self enhancement only. Our eyes should see the best; ears should listen to the glories of God and we should appreciate others graciously. If by any chance we see shortcomings of others then, instead of spreading rumors we should face the person directly and make him aware.

June 04, 2021: Southeast and Far East Asian Countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand

After the tour in March 2019, we have this opportunity to see the virtual representation from saints of South Asia, who conveyed the message that the real purpose of a human life is to establish as well as strengthen a truly strong connection with the Almighty (Nirankar) by following the three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

The Creator has undoubtedly created a beautiful creation where everything is moving according to their functionality assigned by the Creator. 5th June is observed as the World Environment Day. It is our responsibility to maintain the outer beautification of the world; at the same time focus our attention on the environment within. It is not important to just keep the outside visual environment clean but, also declutter the mind and have clarity of thoughts.

Japan is very famous for its Cherry Blossoms. Even though it is a seasonal flower; it’s not that the importance of the tree diminishes or the tree is cut when it is not blooming. They are nurtured throughout the year, though they flower for a very short period only. Similarly, our spiritual activities of selfless service (Sewa), remembrance of God (Simran) and to be in the company of saints (Satsang) should never be conditional or carried out only in crisis. The significance of the Divine Knowledge should not be a temporary feature; rather, it should be continued and cultivated throughout our life.

Our sincere effort and focus should be, to contribute our services for the welfare of humanity and not be self centred. We should try our best to resolve the mental issues of others or whatever may be the need of the hour and give comfort to others. The devotees of Singapore and Hongkong started the initiative to procure ventilators and other Corona related medical equipment; eventually saints from all over the world followed the lead of selfless service and did their best to support the noble cause.

Even though everyone prayed for the spiritual gatherings to be organized, we should trust the Divine Will and wait for the appropriate time to come where we are able to attend the spiritual congregations physically. We should be thankful for being connected through technology and sing the glory of God together. As a result, we can strengthen our devotion and not let our morale dip. We have learnt to maintain stability of mind in all types of situations, so that we are healthy emotionally and physically to keep our mind in control, in such situation.

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