New Year Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed one and all with Her Divine words on the occasion of New Year.

In Her virtual message Satguru Mata Ji said:-

“On the occasion of New Year we extend a humble prayer to the Almighty to bless everyone with good health; may the spiritual wealth acquired through God Knowledge be restored and multiplied multifold by sharing. Let’s pray that the faith in God be strengthened by practicing the three spiritual aspects of selfless service (Sewa), to be in God Remembrance (Simran) and to be in the company of saints (Satsang).

Except for the first few months of last year; spiritual gatherings could not be organized and then followed the Lockdown for the rest of the year. We humbly pray to God for His Grace so, that this year everyone is able to rejoice in spiritual bliss by attending the spiritual gatherings and everyone’s life revives to normalcy.

Though the times faced by everyone were very challenging; many endured severe health issues too but, the bygone year also imparted very significant learnings to all. It taught everybody to bond together as a family and a society; it also gave the opportunity to do selfless service for mankind and express the inculcated human values for the benefit of the whole world. Let us move ahead in the coming year with an awareness to implement the lessons learnt; trying to improve our shortcomings and strengthening our faith in the Supreme Power.

May everyone experience the Divine Presence in their minds and hearts; adopt human values, improve oneself and thus prove to be a blessing for humanity.”


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