Guru Vandana: 73rd Nirankari Sant Samagam

Guru Vandana is held on the fourth day of the Samagam to celebrate the successful completion of the Annual Sant Samagam. This year too it was held under the Divine Grace of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj where devotees get an opportunity to hold a cultural programme in reverence to their Satguru-Lord Master.

Blessing the devotees on this occasion Satguru Mata Ji said:-

“On this special day of Guru Vandana in the glory of True Master, we enjoyed listening to many devotees in the form of skits, dance performances and expressions of artists in varied forms of art; which conveyed the most relevant message on spirituality i.e. to establish a Divine connection in life. They also tried to awaken everyone to live cautiously in the society. The learning shared was that we should enhance our life in devotion and worship of the Almighty. These days because of Covid-19 everyone is struggling to survive and protect oneself in every possible way. Though we should not lose hope; get disturbed or feel burdened due to the difficult circumstances; as there is a way out to live peacefully and happily in the challenging period too.

Even though, devotees who participated in this programme are living in the same city, it was not possible for them to get together in person because of the Covid conditions; yet with the support of internet, they coordinated for rehearsals on a short notice and gave their performances. It did come to my notice that if one of the team member was detected with corona positive at the last minute then the rest of the group did not cancel the programme or the skit; infact they prepared the new actor for the act within a few hours successfully and kept the show going.

It was amazing to see the passion and intensity of the artists’ sentiments in conveying the noble message to the congregation; that what a blessing, an opportunity it is to serve selflessly. As a saint experiences the Divine Presence; the artist was always eager to serve and did not hesitate to support the team in every possible way. The spirit of the teamwork was indeed progressive and effective, so much so, that wherever there was a weak link in the act, the stronger one would immediately come forward to support the weaker one and thus, displayed a resolute, well coordinated teamwork. The enthusiasm, resolve and attitude of the stage team, performers, script writers, choreographers, music team and many more put together was incredible. So, many performers from different states were unable to participate in person but, with the help of internet they presented their performance in the holy feet of the congregation with immense devotion.

May the Almighty bless everyone with the same devotion, resilience and the ability to convey the spiritual message, as it was presented on this occasion. We pray that there is an advancement in the creative skills of every artist; may each one be able to establish a pure connection with the Divine thus, enhancing and enriching his or her life. Each individual should focus on self improvement, rather than preaching to others. Just like there are so many types of flowers in a garden but, each flower is distinctive in color and fragrance and it does not bother about the other flower growing in the vicinity. Similarly, each one of us with unique qualities should concentrate on self enhancement only. With the Divine Grace, may everyone be blessed with the ability to serve selflessly (Sewa), to be in remembrance of the Almighty (Simran) and try to be in the company of saints (Satsang) with enthusiasm and complete surrender so that devotion in life is strengthened.”

* * *


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