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 Ladies Samagam - 28 September 2019


On September 28th 2019, Ladies Samagam was organized at Toronto, Canada Satsang Bhawan. Saints from nearby branches, such as Rochester and Buffalo, also attended the Samagam. The Samagam was filled with divine energy that was reflected in the speeches and songs presented. Women of all ages participated in the samagam. The satsang hall was full of devotees attending and enjoying the bliss of the samagam.


The topic was from the Hardev Vani: Guru se kabhi bemukh na hona ant-kaal pachtaye ga, Kahe Hardev Guru hi tujhe bhav se paar lagaye ga. (Never turn your face from the True Master, you will regret in the end. Hardev says, only True Master will lead you to salvation). Devotees expressed their gratitude to the Satguru for this God Realization which is the reason for bliss in their lives. They also stated the precaution, that Babaji is stating in the verse, which is to never leave the abode of the Truth as it is only the True Master who can bring you salvation.


Saints emphasized complete faith and acceptance of Nirankar’s will. A story was shared with respect to the term ‘Inshallah’ (translation: as per the Will of God). Often human beings get the misunderstanding that they are the doers but in reality, the supreme creator, Nirankar Almighty is the doer. Everything happens with the Will of Nirankar, hence the term ‘Inshallah’. For this reason, devotees constantly seek the company of true saints so that they don’t falter from the path shown by the Satguru. Devotees also reminded in their speeches to have a positive outlook regardless of the situation. Satguru Mata Sudiksha ji has explained in her discourses that if the weather outside is hot we cannot change the weather but we can choose to dress appropriately. Similarly, regardless of the negativities and situations of the world we can be like the lotus that blooms in the muddiest puddles.


Devotees focus on following the Guru’s teachings and word exactly as it comes. The recurring theme was paired with the example of wheat being crushed under two stones to produce flour. The stones are connected by a nail. The pieces of wheat that are closest to the nail don’t get crushed where as anything under the stone does. Similarly in life, if Nirankar is our one support that we stick to then we too shall be safe.


Special homage was paid to beloved Jagat Mata Budhwanti ji, Raj Mata ji, and Mata Savinder ji for their contributions towards women empowerment. While some devotees shared their wisdom and experiences in speeches, some elderly ladies also sung devotional hymns from the past with great energy such that the entire congregation was smiling in awe of their devotion.


Women are the foundation of any household whether it be in the form of a mother, a daughter, a sister or a wife. They provide utmost love and care to those they come across. They sacrifice so much for the betterment of all around them. Their appreciation and respect should be our top priority.