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Sant Nirankari Mission - Toronto: Community Services - Welfare

"Let us be worthy of appreciation and flow in a stream illuminated by the preaching and directions of enlightened saints. This is the flow of thoughts imbued with the welfare of others that reinstate and strengthen the timeless virtues of tolerance, humbleness, patience, acceptance, love, sacrifice, selfless service, and dutiful behaviour."

(Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj)

Food and Clothing Drives

Every year members of SNM Toronto engage in food and clothing drives to benefit the GTA community. The members put His Holiness’s teachings into practice, by recognizing that “service of humanity is service of God”. These initiatives provide the members, especially the youth, a wonderful opportunity to do Sewa (service). Tens of thousands pounds of food items are collected by the members and those are donated to Food Banks of Canada and The Salvation Army. They really appreciate the Mission’s efforts and dedication of the members towards the love and affection for the humanity at large. This food go a long way in helping the needy in the region.

Similarly clothes are collected and donated to various shelters. The youth help out by sorting bags, packing the clothes into boxes, loading and delivering the clothing. The shelters have always been very appreciative of the efforts of our members.

Soup Kitchens

The Youth from SNM Toronto often volunteer their time and service at Soup Kitchens like the Knights Table Community Food Bank and Kitchen in Brampton, On. The Knights Table organization helps by providing meals and food services to the needy and those affected by poverty in the Peel Region. During the day the youth volunteers prepare the food, serve and provide company to the people who come to the Kitchen.

Appreciating Senior Citizens

Seniors play an important role in our lives as they give us guidance by their wisdom and experience. The members of the SNM Toronto have great appreciation for the senior citizens in our mission and in the community. The members have volunteered their time by visiting and spending time with senior citizens at various senior homes across Graeter Toronto Area. The youth members presented games and musical entertainment for the seniors. Their visits and company is greatly appreciated by the seniors.

Aid During Natural Disasters

The SNM Toronto members follow the Sant Nirankari Mission's philosophy of offering selfless service to humankind in case of natural disasters or other calamities. For instance, on January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck with the worst earthquake in 200 years. Haiti was divested with so many lives lost, people injured and loss of their home and belongings. The Nirankari Mission Canada donated $10 000 to aid in relief efforts by World Vision, a leader in the field of relief and development. The president of World Vision, Dave Toycen thanked Nirankari Mission Canada for their wonderful contribution and kindness in a letter of recognition.