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Toronto Bal Samagam - 90 Years of Sant Nirankari Mission


On Saturday, December 14, 2019, the Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM) Toronto Branch held a Bal Samagam (Kids Congregation) at the Toronto Center for Oneness. This Samagam was a collective effort by kids of all ages and included youth who gave support in the form of coordination, stage, music, multimedia as well as guidance provided by the respected elders of the mission. This Bal Samagam was held to mark the milestone of 90 Years of the Sant Nirankari Mission.

The evening’s events took the congregation on a Divine Journey of those 90 Years of the SNM’s history in an innocent way. The programme started with spiritual hymns from the Avtar Bani and then highlighted the origin of how the mission came to be through Baba Buta Singh Ji after He attained the God Knowledge in 1929 and began spreading the message of Self Realization. The mantle was then passed over to Baba Avtar Singh Ji who established the mission’s Mandal Headquarters in Delhi. The Sangat was able to see these teachings through the eyes of children by hearing stories from their grandparents in the form of skits and dances. There was then a rapid-fire session that quizzed kids about facts during Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji’s time as the head of the mission. Facts included were about the initial Mussoorie Conferences, establishement of a code of conduct as well as the expansion of the mission when it was taken overseas with the first tour abroad. The life of Raj Mata Ji was also emphasized as she was a Mother to all and formed the ladies Sewadal, ladies Sangat. A medley of songs was sung that reminded the congregation about those times.

Later in the evening, there was a beautiful documentary followed by an English song and poem on the life of Baba Hardev Singh Ji as the Spiritual Mentor of the mission over 36 years which showed His peaceful nature and defining that He was Love Personified. Once the beacon of light transitioned over to Mata Savinder Hardev Ji, there were several scenes showing basic principles of the mission that included Satvachan, Charanamrit, Namaskar and bringing forward the idea of Godfidence along with the introduction of the Hardev Bani. The journey brought us to the present day Satguru, Mata Sudiksha Ji, who is giving significance to the core message of the mission which is God Knowledge. A Spirituality and Science discussion took place that was about what Formless Nirankar is and how it relates to the 6 main elements of the Universe that were introduced at the Nirankari Youth Symposium. A musical play teaching kids how they can make positive choices was then performed followed by a final group song that involved all the participants of the programme. There was a concluding sermon by the presiding Saint about the history that was learned and that kids are the future of the mission.

An exhibition was placed in the lobby of the Toronto Centre for Oneness which included artwork and models made by kids about the mission taking part in social welfare events such as Blood Donation, Cleanliness and Tree Plantation drives. Additionally, there were pieces about the key concepts taught by our Satgurus such as Building Bridges, being a Lighthouse and Unity in Diversity.

This Bal Samagam signified that the light this mission started with has remained constant through all the Guru’s and has been illuminated within each child. It gave the opportunity for children to learn the history and values that are a thread throughout all eras of our mission. What connects all of this is that it was Nirankar from the start, and it will continue to be Nirankar always. With the divine blessings of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji, the Sant Nirankari Mission brings alive the hope and promise of a peaceful and harmonious world and the kids and youth of the mission are working towards this.