Sant Samagam – Discover your True Self

बरवा संत समागमु प्रकटला आत्मारामु

These lines written by Saint Gyaneshwar emphasise the importance of Sant Samgam in one’s journey to know the true self. And this discovery happens at Sant Samgam:

‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

Being in the company  of saints can transform one’s life. We begin to imbibe the wisdom and divine qualities of saints. We also learn to live in communion with God through our daily routines in this materialistic world.

While science has helped us understand how we’re born, it is spiritual enlightenment that reveals a deeper Truth—who we really are. Life is truly worth living when we know our true selves. The True Master bestows God Knowledge and nudges us towards God Realisation through Sant Samagams.

Sut Dara aru Lakshmi paapi ke bhi hoye

Sant samagam hari katha Tulsi durlabh doye

(Sinners also own kin, wealth, materialistic possessions

Sant Samagams and singing the glory of God are rare)

These lines by Saint Tulsidas sum up the importance of saints and the reason for us to be at Sant Samagam.


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