Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Ji: March 4, 2020

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj
From February 29, 2020 onwards
Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir: March 04, 2020

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left Ludhiana and headed for the city of Jammu, which is the winter capital of the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This city is famous for its temple in fact, it is known as the city of temples.

Satguru Mata Ji was a companied by Her esteemed spouse Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage.

Addressing a large gathering of devotees and God loving people Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today we all have gathered here in the grounds of Jammu from far off places and have been enjoying the spiritual bliss since the past few hours. The message reiterated repeatedly in the congregation, is the same that has been conveyed since ages by various saints to mankind; be human; avail the opportunity and make the best use of this precious short life.  Henceforth, it becomes relevant to adopt and live this life based on human values and Truth; simply because humanity is the true religion. Also, a life led in accordance with human values is a blessing to the society. Everyone should attend the spiritual gatherings, where one can listen to the pearls of wisdom by various saints, which can connect us with the Eternal Truth and guide us with the art of living; if implemented it can transform a life and motivate us to start walking on the path of goodness.

So much of negativity is deeply ingrained in our minds; such as hatred, being critical or judgmental, looking down upon others, host harsh words said by someone in the heart for years and stop communicating with that particular person. Such thoughts will make us egoistic as well as a self-centered human; whereas we should aspire to let go of all negative feelings and strive to be magnanimous, tolerant, benevolent and forgive those who have misbehaved with us. Our purpose of life should be to do good to all.

As the poet Farid ji has stated,

“Farid, do not loose your temper but, do good to even those who are hostile.”

Instinctively, it is a human tendency to react and not respond to any unfavorable words spoken by an individual. In such a situation one should not behave in the same manner, rather one should remember God and our obligatory duties; be enthusiastic to follow the right action accordingly.

In such moments, no matter how difficult it may seem to be, one should express appropriate words, thoughts and actions as per the Divine Values. Our speech should be such that it neither disturbs our own mental equilibrium nor should it hurt the other person. Our actions should be directed by the teachings conferred by saints; never hurt anyone and never make anyone cry. Considering that God has created the whole cosmos and each creation is unique, we should accept the nature of fellow beings as it is, even if it is peculiar. Just like one can make any ornament; be it a bangle or a necklace, from the same gold. Similarly, although each human varies in physical form or may belong to different places, culture or even have a distinct temperament but, in essence, the soul in each living being is the same.

Without realizing that the soul residing in all beings is the same, we nurture petty differences and dislikes; based on complexion, food habits and paths of worship, thus exhibiting our shallow mindset. The only way to rise above the caste system and see oneness in all, is through the Divine Knowledge, (Brahmgyan) which enables to strengthen as well as maintain the vision of equanimity and perceives the Almighty in everyone always. God has given us the intellect, alertness, sense of discrimination to think and apply so that we make a full use of it and benefit our own self as well as people around us. There is a famous line to explain the concept of unity in diversity:-

‘Ikhitilat Ye-Rang-O- Bu Se, Baat Banti Hai. Hum Hi Hum Hain To Kya Hum Hain Tum Hi Tum Ho, To Kya Tum Ho.’

Meaning that, inspite of numerous variations, beauty in all is the only underlying common factor. Just like there are so many different types of flowers in a garden, yet one common feature amongst them is that they all are very soft and fragrant. Similarly, whenever we visualize Divinity in all beings and consider this concept as a substratum of our life then there are no barriers or walls of any kind in our mind. There is an emergence of only love and compassion for everyone. We will be able to build bridges of love, which shall connect each other; it should be our sincere effort to enhance the beautiful world created by the Creator.

The way to move forward is to make an effort by transforming our own life first. As it is, only the saints fulfill this duty as exemplified by Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, for whom no one was an alien; who served with a feeling of Oneness and did not consider only few to be a part of his family. Similarly, when we wish and pray for the welfare of all then automatically a feeling of kinship, the desire to serve benevolently, to generate comfort, joy and relief is generated.

In order to strengthen such a transformation one needs to be in the company of like minded individuals in spiritual gatherings; so that one can listen, absorb, adopt their valuable knowledge that enables not to waver the positive thoughts and builds complete trust in the Omnipresent God. By following the three aspects of spirituality; selfless service (Sewa), constant remembrance of God (Nirankar) after God-realization (Brahmgyan) (Simran), be in the company of saints (Satsang); one not only benefits the society rather enriches his own self.

On deep reflection, we would realize that in the midst of so much action around us, how much time and priority do we give to spirituality in our life. Undoubtedly, one should perform his or her obligatory duties; surely one cannot follow the spiritual journey by overlooking or neglecting the work or family. We must do the needful but, simultaneously should not get so involved that one is totally lost in the worldly affairs and overlooks the real source i.e. God. Our sincere effort should be to immerse our self deeply in the wisdom of the Eternal Truth, as much as possible. The worldly affairs are transitory and temporary. Our behavior also wavers; sometimes we are very happy, whereas unfavorable situations make us sad too. It is the experience or the wisdom of the Divine Presence which brings stability and tranquility in our thoughts and enables us to lead our life wisely and peacefully.

With the God’s Grace may each one be blessed with this Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and may every devotee enhance his or her life. We should prove worthy of living in a human body and may each saint present today is a living temple. With the Grace of Almighty their hearts become so pure that there is no place for malice, intolerance and petty thinking and everyone pursues the path of devotion. The world will always try to influence but, we should be very clear and firm in making our choices. With the Divine Grace may each one of you embellish his or her spiritual journey; let there be no negativity in the thoughts.”

* * *


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