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Sant Nirankari Mission Washington DC Youth Congregation 12th July 2020

Youth Topics: "Expectations"

The next Youth Program is on July 12th, and our topic is "Expectations". We all have expectations, the desires that we dream of or the results we demand from our efforts. And it never ends, this onslaught of thoughts we have concerning what we want or what we think is owed us. Expectations places us in the mode of materialism by the inward thinking and pursuing of what we deserve.

The following definitions put in perspective how humanity views expectations:
• A confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen
• A mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality
• A standard of conduct or performance expected by somebody
• To demand receiving something because of a perceived right or it is due or appropriate

Now expectations are a good thing, but how do we use this desire for things without going overboard? We can use expectations to help drive or motivate us to be successful in life, however all out focus on what we expect places the focus on us. Ego tends to easily breed and quickly grow in this fertile environment, where a self centered viewpoint is garnering up the maya to oneself.

We all hope for good things in our lives and to enjoy the blessings of God and Satguru, which they loving provide. Yet there is a boundary line Satguru says not to breach, because if we do cross the line our very existence becomes all about the material creation and not the creator.

This assignment is meant to explore how we view our expectations, what drives our expectations, where have our expectations taken us (good or bad), can we live this physical life without expectations fully surrendered to God, can we let God's blessings be our expectations (which would be a surprise because we didn't expect it). For the very young saints, speak on how when you wanted something so much, and you did not get it. How did you handle that? What did you learn from that experience?

Please meditate on the Avtar Bani 102 below, as it reflects on the life of a saint:

The disciple of the True Master always remains a humble servant;
The disciple does whatever is ordained by the True Master
The disciple may have any amount of intellectual ability, he counts himself as unintelligent
The disciple may have countless riches, he considers himself to be the dust of the True Master's feet
At the door-step of the True Master, the disciple surrenders himself as if he has no identity of his own;
Even if he commits a wrong unintentionally, he feels extremely repentant
The true disciple renders selfless service and does not expect any reward;
Avtar says, the True Master confers name and fame upon such a disciple