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Sant Nirankari Mission Washington DC Youth Congregation 11th Aug 2019

Youth Topics: "Spiritual Treasure"

The next Youth Program is on August 11th and our topic is "Spiritual Treasure". This gyan we have received is the true treasure, and so full of wealth. If we have truly accessed and used this treasure, we will have advance our spiritual journey significantly. Besides giving us this spiritual treasure of enlightenment, Satguru also continues to give us precious gifts to keep us engaged in this blessed way of life - The Teachings.

The teachings of Satguru lead us to our destiny, our salvation. The sayings of Satguru have deep meaning, in which, we need to contemplate and meditate on to gain the full insight of God's thoughts. These precious nuggets and gems are what sustain us day-to-day and year-to-year keeping us on track.

Our assignment is to open the treasure chest and boldly take our inheritance and live a life worthy of mukti. Use the gems listed below given by Baba Hardev ji and the Avtar Bani's to present their messages to us. In your own words, share the treasure with us all.

1. To be human is to be HUMBLE, to be humble is to be divine.
2. Truly great are those who BLOOM, even in the autumn of adversity.
3. Trials make a DEVOTEE's life better not bitter.
4. They serve the best who serve SILENTLY like the sun, the moon, the air and the water
5. If you cannot be a candle be a mirror that reflects LIGHT.
6. God should be in our HEART even when our hands are a work.
7. LOVE is a lamp, save it from the hurricane of selfishness.
8. Knowing God is knowing PEACE.
9. The kingdom of HEAVEN is open to all, except the arrogant.
10. You cannot BRIGHTEN up your way by blowing out the candles of others.
11. Our belief in God turns into FAITH in God when we realize God.
12. Realization of the FORMLESS is the key to living a blissful life.
13. Plant love in the HEART to remove pollution from the mind.
14. When the pond of life is all muddy and rough, HOPE says no darkness is dark enough.
15. When care goes beyond walls, love BLOSSOMS hatred falls.
16. Important are those who give IMPORTANCE to God and love.
17. SPIRITUALITY provides a road map for peace.
18. Your availability is more important than your Ability.
19. Pride destroys the merit of SERVICE.
20. Evading the ripples of ego and prejudice, HUMILITY becomes a never ending practice.
21. PEACE not pieces, let's work for it.
22. Associations with a saint is a PILGRIMAGE.
23. LOVE is living. If you cease to love, you cease to live.
24. GREATNESS is a virtue of knowledge, not age.
25. If there is love in our HEART it is reflected in our word and deed.
26. There is no religion GREATER than perceiving God face to face.
27. God-consciousness is GOD REMEMBERENCE.
28. TOLERANCE is all we need for peaceful co-existence.
29. BLISSFULNESS is not a phase but a state of mind.
30. Let's value HUMAN VALUES.

- We cannot benefit merely by hearing or repeating words of holy beings but by actually living up to them.

- Man is fully alive to the material creation but practically 'dead' to the Divine Creator. He is toiling, day and night, to fulfill his material needs but is totally oblivious of the need of liberation of the soul.

- One can drown anywhere but to save oneself one has to reach the shore.

- Humanism is the true religion and it consists in love, humility, kindness and compassion. Only by imbibing these traits can one be true human.

- The walls of discrimination are man-made and based on human ignorance. Man stands imprisoned in these self-made walls, as stated by Rabindra Nath Tagore.

- The creation may look beautiful. However, the real beauty is that of thought and action.

- Each moment can be sublime if human conduct is sublime.

- One cannot love Father God unless one loves fellow humans.

- Even if an athlete leads all, he is disqualified if he transgresses the allotted lane. Similarly, if a human transgresses the ‘lane’ of humanism, he is disqualified for the liberation.

- Often a flood brings untold death, destruction and suffering. However, in the case of a flood of love, there can be no loss but all gain.

- Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘I cannot forsake love because I cannot bear the burden of hatred.’ Love alone can sublimate the prevailing environment of hatred fear and violence.

- Poisoning the tender adolescent minds with the virus of discrimination is like turning a bud into a thorn. Similarly, inculcating the evil of discrimination on the grounds of caste, color, creed, language, and faith is like turning religion into a poison.

- Unfortunately, today, in the name of religion maximum harm is sought to be caused to religion. We cannot be called truly religious if we do not imbibe love, tolerance, sociability and brotherhood.

God is the Supreme Lord of the three worlds, and fills the treasures Himself age after age;
Out of compassion, God appears in the world (in human form) and redeems millions of sinners.
God Himself creates everything and observes all, He is the Supreme Creator of the universe;
He is the Supreme Sovereign of the vast void, and He is the true ruler of the universe.
I bow unto Him and offer salutations to Him all the time;
Avtar says He is the true Master beyond birth and death, and remains unchanged in all the ages.

One who knows the Formless God, the whole world becomes subservient to him;
The earth, the fire, and the water as also the sun, the moon and the stars obey him as servants.
O' man, keep on remembering God, you shall attain treasures of (divine) wealth;
O' man, keep on remembering God, you shall stand merged with Him.
O' man, keep on remembering God, this is the real muttering of prayer, real worship and real recitation;
O' man, keep on remembering God, this shall relieve you of all sufferings;
O' man, keep on remembering God, this is the real pilgrimage and the holy dip;
O' man, keep on remembering God, this is the real abstinence, charity and donation.
O' man, keep on remembering God, you shall learn to remain ever grateful to Him;
O' man, keep on remembering God, you shall achieve the goal of life.
Only such a person can remember God, who attains Divine-knowledge from the True Saint;
Avtar says the one who perceives God, is my real friend.

The one who knows the Formless God, becomes the master of the whole (divine) treasure; >
The one who knows the Formless God, becomes familiar with the warp and weft of His manifestation. >
The one who knows the Formless God, is welcomed in this world; >
The one who knows the Formless God, is the most respectable and dominating person; >
The one who remembers God is never dependent on anyone; >
The one who remembers God, gets respect and honor from everyone. >
Only a person who is blessed by the True Saint, can remember God; >
Avtar says, the dust of the feet of such exalted ones is the greatest boon for me.

Thou art the wealth of the penniless, and Thy Name is his treasure;
Thy Name is the shelter to the shelter less. Thou art the pride of the humble and the meek;
Everybody draws from Thee, Thou art the Supreme Donor.
Thou art the cause behind all causation, and Thou art the Supreme Master of all;
Thou art acquainted with everybody's heart, only Thou art omniscient.
God Himself can know His state and His limit;
One can know Him only if He himself so ordains.
O' God, I just cannot venture to narrate Thy glory;
Avtar says, it is all benevolence of the True Master, otherwise, I am not worthy of anything whatsoever.

True Master ignores the faults and failings and does not frown at the same;
The spiritual treasure bestowed by the perfect True Master cannot be taken away by anyone.
Perfect True Master makes a person transcend the ocean of materialism, and he takes no time to do it;
Perfect True Master, if one could understand, is no less than God-Almighty Himself.
True Master is himself a pure diamond, and deals in the real gems (of divine wisdom);
Avtar says, True Master is God Himself, the forgiver of all sins.

The True Master, who has been kind to you, and from whom you have got the gift of life;
The True Master, who has been kind to you, and from whom you have realized God;
The True Master, with whose benevolence you have enjoyed the bliss of God knowledge;
The True Master, with whose benevolence you have recognized God;
The True Master who has entrusted all his divine treasures to you;
The True Master who has gifted all his divine treasure to you.
You should always remember such True Master, keep him in your mind every moment;
You should sacrifice your body, mind and belongings unto such True Master.
The True Master dwells in God and God dwells in True Master and he has no separate entity of his own;
God's Name is the greatest wealth and there is no greater boon than this.
None of your cleverness and intelligence would be of any avail;
Avtar says, they are the fortunate ones, who have attained divine consciousness.

O' man, seek the company of saints and think and talk about God;
Keep the word of the True Master in mind and have reliance upon the One.
All other ways and means and the efforts are futile;
Divert your mind from the mundane materialism, and concentrate it on the feet of the True Master.
He is the creator, sustainer and provider of the whole world too;
Be united with him, he is the supreme lord and the doer of everything too.
The one who acquires this wealth of God knowledge and fills his treasures, becomes a truly rich person;
Avtar says this divine treasure can be had only by the one who becomes servant of the True Master once for all.