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HWPL World Peace Meet San Jose, CA, USA - May 2018

Dhan Nirankar ji,
On 21 May 2018, a delegation from Tracy northern California branch attend a HWPL World Peace meet held at San Jose, California, USA.

The representative of HWPL Jeon Book branch, Korea visited to present the participation certificates to SNM representatives from Tracy branch along with various other religious leaders from greater San Francisco area. SNM Tracy branch delegation has regularly attended HWPL Peace & Dialogue of Scriptures meets every month since last three years. Our SNM Team included Rev Dev Raj Vijh ji, Rev Atul Batra ji, Brother Anmol Sharma ji, Rev Dildar Bhatia ji, Brother Gurdial Singh ji and Pali Noor Ji.

The topic for the HWPL Interreligious Dialogue in May was “The Beginning and Origin of All Things”. During this discussion many questions were discussed.

Question 1.

According to the scripture which you believe in, how originally did mankind and all things come into existence?

Question 2.

According to the records in your scripture, is the present appearance of mankind and all things in the world the same as its appearance from the very beginning?

Question 3.

According to the scripture which you believe in, what is the purpose of the existence of all things and mankind?

Question 4.

Are we living in the accordance to the original purpose of the existence that God created?

Along with other panelists SNM delegation answered above questions blissfully referring ideology, principles & teachings of Sant Nirankari Mission.

Report by

Charandhool Pali Noor (Tracy)