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Sunday Congregation

Date Message
Sep 27, 2015 1. When we ask for things and get them, they are our desires. When we get things we need, they are our necessities. But when we get things without asking for them, it's the reheat of Satguru.
2. If we have hatred and ego, we cannot have the effect of Satguru's blessing. We must empty ourselves to fill them with His blessings.
3. If our focus is not on Nirankar at all times, we shift between sukh (happiness) and dukh (pain) constantly and get shaken by everything.
4. If we have to walk towards happiness and joy, it means we have to walk away from every negative thought, anger and ego.
5. We must remember we are the instrument from which this energy flows through. We are not the doers and we must remember that this Nirankar is the doer, and the giver.
6. God may or may not fulfill our prayers but as devotees it's simply our duty to have faith in Him no matter what and keep our patience.

- Rev. Atul Batra ji

Sep 20, 2015 1. The truth does not change with place nor within time .
2. Living in this physical form the soul starts identifying it self with physical/materialistic things but we must not stay in this misconception. People fail to accomplish the goal for which we were born for. 3. There are many saints who have won the battle of both worlds. Learn to realize the tasks that will be good for you and your future. 4. Mere mention of the word wealth does make one wealthy and if that were true there would not be any poverty in the world left; similarly mere reciting or reading books will not do anything,action must be taken.

- His Holiness Baba Ji

Sep 6, 2015 1. This is broad vision where spirituality is strong and tolerance increases. Vastness increases tolerance.
2. Nothing can be more vast than God, which is beyond measures and limits.
3. It's very important to remain in the company of saints, otherwise we get intoxicated by the materialism of the world.
4. Our ignorance comes if we don't have the realization or fail to remember God.
5. If we keep pour minds on this infinite and mightiest power, our minds remain pure. There is only bliss!
6. There's no "me and mine" there was only "thee and thine".
7. There is not identity left of me when I am merged with You. I am now You; You are my identity.

- His Holiness Baba Ji

Aug 30, 2015 1. The one that realizes this god, is free from the cycle of birth and death from thousands of years.
2. The door to salvation is the satguru who shows us this home for our souls to be salvaged.
3. We forget our purpose in this life (to always connect with Nirankar) when we get caught up in the materialism of the world.
4. There are many gurus, but only the guru who can show u Nirankar, is the ultimate guru, the Satguru.
5. Everything else in this world is a lie but only this god knowledge is the truth, even our bodies will leave the soul one day.
6. If you want eternal bliss, you will have to come under the wing of Satguru, and following him.

- Rev. Rajan Sachdeva Ji

Aug 23, 2015 1. After the gyan we start realizing that God is everywhere and that He is always present.
2. We are incomplete without God and He provides us with strength everyday.
3. The first step is to acknowledge our shortcomings and then the second step is how we fix those and change ourselves.
4. God is our pilot guiding us, and strengthening us, but we must also apply his principles in life to follow his light.
5. We need to have complete focus on God remembrance and then we can have complete surrendering.
6. Life goes on like a storm but we make it through just fine with your divine blessings and guidance.

- Rev. Atul Batra Ji

Aug 15, 2015
Mukti Parav
1. Rev. Raj Mata ji said if you wish to have an identity, make your identity as a saint and devotee of the sangat.
2. Rev. Raj Mata ji devoted her life to love and always wished for children to have a devotee-like mentality.
3. Rev. Raj Mata ji not only taught us with words, but her life was an example for us, too.
4. Raj Mataji never allowed herself to be separated from the satsang and to would never step back from attending satsang, even if she was ill.
5. May we learn to embrace all and put the negatives aside like our Rev. Raj Mata ji did.
6. Whatever Rev. Raj Mata ji would ever ask for, it was always for the world and society. She asked for us, not herself.
Aug 9, 2015 1. We do not have to lose the physical things in order to reach spirituality, we need to keep balance between the two.
2. The message of satguru is not new, it is parallel all over the world, but is being enforced again now.
3. We cannot have oneness without harmony. Without harmony we cannot have peace.
4. Babajis vichars are a mirror towards us for us to reflect and see what do we stand.
5. Let us pray that we can hold on to every teaching Babaji has taught us on this trip and implement all these experiences into our lives.

- Rev. I.S. Rai ji

Aug 2, 2015 1. Saints have importance for everyone. Whether they are messengers of any guru, prophet or sage, they give importance to all.
2. This message is universal because every man's welfare lies within it. It applies to all. Like sunshine rises for all.
3. Oneness comes when we know one, and then naturally believe in one, and finally make efforts to become one as well.
4. We must reach the Source and the roots in order to change. "You cannot change the fruit if you do not change the root." You have to go deep down.
5. "Those who can divide God and prophets can easily discriminate mankind from mankind and others." It all begins when we know one and believe in only One God.
6. If we build walls around us and allow them to reach great heights, we becomes lost. Lose of our identities, lost of our purpose in life, lost of our journey through life.
7. May we shed our ego on the basis of religion, caste, creed, for the reasons that it only causes bloodshed, violence, and hatred. Looking within and finding our shortcomings, will let go of our pride and things that only harm us.
8. "Our life is too short for love, how do we take time out for hatred?"

- His Holiness Baba Ji

July 9, 2015
His Holiness Visit at Tracy,CA
The divine blessings of HH Nirankari Babaji at Tracy, USA, as delivered on 9/7/15 :-
1. It is truly a moment to delight to witness the gathering of devotees here in Tracy, where saints from other cities of US are also visiting. 
2. A few days ago, a youth conference was organised in Calgary where the youth of mission participated from different parts of the world.  It was a very big event where the vision of 'A world without walls' was shared, suggested and urged. ‎
3. The moments spent in praise and remembrance of the almighty are always very precious. The moments spent with saints who are connected to the almighty are equally pious and graceful. ‎
4. The devotees of Truth are always connected with the essence of selfless service, remembrance and company of blissful saints. They focus on Oneness, thus making the world a better and Peaceful place for all. But the narrow mindedness and dogmatic beliefs prevailing in the world have created walls of caste, color, religions etc. It is only God realisation that can break these walls and unite humanity. 
5. During this tour also, the same message was shared at various places like London, Montreal, Calgary etc. We just heard a team of chiropractic doctors who always contribute at Samagams in India with immense love and care. They also spoke about the concept and idea of 'World without walls'. This is the need of the hour.  6. Today, man is fighting his fellow beings because of ignorance, ego and jealousy. This can end only if spiritualism is established. We have to separate Religion from Spiritualism. Spiritualism is about serving and loving all with a broader outlook, unlike religion which has become rigid and intolerant. This is the same message that has been propagated by saints and sages in different eras. I pray that may Nirankar Bless all with happiness in life and love in the hearts to make this world a better and Peaceful place. Dhan Nirankar ji.

- His Holiness Baba Ji