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May 28, 2017

The 4th​ Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace took place with a theme of ‘Extreme Violence.’ World Peace walk was Organized by HWPL at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - CA - USA on Sunday 28th May-17.

Following the Dialogue of Scriptures to establish World Peace, Discussing Causes & Solutions of Extreme Violence, a meet held on 22nd May in Fremont - CA, our devotee volunteers from Tracy - Northern California sadh sangat represented our Sant Nirankari Mission here in this most auspicious peace walk held on 28th May. With the grace of Satguru Nirankar, blissful appreciation of SNM President - USA - Rev Dr I S Rai ji, Tracy Pramukh Rev Dev Raj Vijh ji & entire Sadh Sangat we tried to accomplish this mission successfully.

"Religion Unites & Never Divides" - "Peace Not Pieces'....Our Sant Nirankari Mission's slogans were highly appreciated by all religious communities and hundreds of tourists passing by and viewing us at the world famous Golden Gate Bridge on this beautiful sunday morning. We gathered at the welcome center here around 10:30 AM, reciting prayers for World Peace, with gratitude towards almighty God, proceeded all together through the sidewalk of the bridge, narrating slogans of " We Are One" - " World Peace ", holding banners and fliers depicting importance of peace & removal of extreme violence existing in this world now days. This walk took us around two hours to travel half of the bridge and returning back to the starting point. Along the way while displaying banners we also handed out Sant Nirankari Mission’s introduction literature to visitors & communities participating in this auspicious walk.

Sharing a Brief Report with Attached Pictures of the Event with Hearty Gratitude in the Holy Feet of Nirankar for Blessing us Such Blissful Opportunities to Live & Preach Teachings of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji Maharaj regularly Here ji.
Reported by : Charandhool Pali Noor (Tracy, San Francisco)