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[HWPL] Interreligious Dialogue in May

May 22, 2017

Brief Report of SNM Tracy Northern California's visit to World Peace Meeting Held in Fremont - CA - USA on Monday 22nd May

Once again in Blissful Presence of Our Tracy Pramukh Rev D R Vijh ji we had an Opportunity to convey Our Missions Ideology & Teachings explaining the real Cause & Solution to the Extreme Violence existing in this world. With the Grace of Satguru Nirankar, various Religious Leaders & HWPL Team of Organizers with their Volunteers were highly Convinced with the fact that Unless a Human Being attains Divine Knowledge (God's Knowledge - Brahmgyan) from the Present True Master (Satguru), it's very difficult for him to get Rid of this Social Evil from Existing Society. Ignorance - Darkness is the Actual Cause of Violence, Doer (Karta) is God, but in absence of God's knowledge, Man feels himself as a Doer, this Creates Arrogance, Ego & Anger further making him Violent. Only Present True Master can enlighten Our Souls & Bring us in Light from Darkness. Our Sant Nirankar Mission in the Guidance of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji Maharaj is doing this Noble work. Knowledge of Universal Fatherhood (God) Only can Create Universal Brotherhood on this Earth & that's what Our Mission is doing.

As done previously this meeting also started with Inter Religious Dialogue on Scriptures with the Topic Extreme Violence. The discussion was divided in two sections; 1). The Cause and Case of Extreme Violence and 2). The Solution to Extreme Violence
The listed questions were discussed under each section:

[DISCUSSION 1] How can we explain the causes of Extreme Violence from a religious perspective?
  • How does your scripture depict the fundamental cause of Extreme Violence?
  • Is there a case of Extreme violence? If so, what kind of violent acts are there?
  • Why would people join violent extremist group?

[DISCUSSION 2] What is the ultimate solution to all the violence?
  • What can people do to stop these violence in daily life?
  • Has there been an attempt to stop Extreme Violence? If so, what are the methods?
  • What is the solution to Extreme Violence from religious perspective?

Sharing Humbly with Hearty Gratitude in the Holy Feet of Satguru Nirankar.
Reported by : Charandhool Pali Noor (Tracy)