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SNM North California - 1st Youth Camp Sept 2015

August 23, 2015

Youth Day Report

As time goes on our message of oneness is spread further, but who will continue this strive for this universal brotherhood? Youth, the youth are this world's path to a brighter future. As important as it is to spread this peace amongst the world we educate our youth so they may carry the teachings of love and humanity as well. Which is why SNM Tracy organized a Youth day.

The youth event took place on August 22nd, 2015. It was an extension of what is taught in sangat and an enlargement to the new expression of “a world without walls”. Breaking down walls starts first within our own selves. Breaking down the walls within our minds and then extending that same self healing with our family, because before we can start to make a change within the world, we must change amongst ourselves,

The objective behind this event was to start the new era for the youth. During this event many life lessons were learned as the games the youth had played represented some aspect of life. Through the games they learned of unity, understanding that to win they must work together reflecting the idea of bringing a change within this world. A change will happen when we all come together as one and work for it. The activities the youth participated in not only taught them about each other but about the history of the mission as well.

The part that impacted the youth the most was a reflection circle all the saints had participated in during the end of the event. Sangeeta ji learned that the best age to start your spiritual journey is now! “Don't wait until a certain age to start this journey. Because at such a young age, it was Baba Sajjan Ji who came up with the five principles of the mission”. Another youth who was impacted was Chirag ji who expressed how he got to know his fellow youth more because of this event.This is what the mission is about, knowing and understanding one another, and once we do that, there won't be any walls.

The p​rogram’s ultimate goal was to bring the youth together and it did so beautifully. At the end of the day everybody was comfortable talking to each other and new bonds were beginning to flourish. We take this journey one step at a time for a bigger and brighter future with the hope of one day the world becoming and acting as one. The way the youth camp has impacted these youth will one day be the cause of enlightening others as well.

Reported by : Renaissance Majee, Sangeeta Krishan & Samata Sharma