Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Maharashtra: Kolhapur, Sholapur, Chiplun, Pune, Satara, Warsa and Kharsai Zones

Here are some life changing messages from the Holy Discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as delivered by Her Holiness during the virtual zonal Samagam of Maharashtra on 18th August 2021.

1. A Gursikh always gives priority to Nirankar in his life. Every action done with mindful remembrance of the Almighty God, with a pure heart and correct intentions, is blessed. This keeps our mind free from cleverness and selfishness. Saints always become a boon for all and wish good for all.

2. A project by the name of Oneness Vann is being organised by the Mission for the benefit of humankind on 21st August. If we have trees, we will have oxygen and presence of oxygen makes it easier for us to breathe. We should likewise always remember Nirankar effortlessly.

3. We should try to remember God without falling prey to thoughts of materialistic world. When we have to do something that interests us, say watch a movie, we give our 100 percent attention to it. If our mind gets inclined towards Nirankar, then Simran will also become blissful.

4. It is said that excess of everything is bad. But, Sewa, Simran and Satsang have unlimited benefits for us even when done to the optimum level. We also have to give appropriate time to our profession and work etc, as they are essential to take care of our family responsibilities. Leaving worldly duties for devotion is not the right practice. We can certainly establish a balance between the material and spiritual practices. When we perform our worldly duties with remembrance of Nirankar, then our work also becomes worship.

5. When we realise our responsibility and do every act with positive intention, the reward is joyous. Our contribution is blessed if our intention is pious, like that of the squirrel who carried small stones to serve, or for that matter like that of the bird, who sprinkled little water from its wet wings to douse the forest fire. Contribution should not be gauged by quantity or volume, rather by the intention with which it is made.

6. If a Brahmgyani faces any ups and downs in life, he doesn’t blame it on destiny or karma, because the chains of karma are broken when we receive Brahmgyan. A devotee thus tries to maintain stability of mind. He prays for strength to face any and every challenge in life, rather than being an escapist.

7. We should put our heart and soul into every Sewa given to us; being watchful of even the minutest aspect. At times the monotonous routine of Sewa makes us complacent or careless, but this can be damaging also. Thus, we have to perform every Sewa with sincerity and awareness. If we can’t do the Sewa in the anticipated way, we might as well hand it over to someone else who can do it in a better way.

8. May Nirankar bless all with a sense of gratitude and regular practice of Sewa Simran and Satsang, so that each may become a boon for humanity.

* * *


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