Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Mukti Parv (Virtual)

Here is the summary of the divine words from the holy discourses of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as blessed on 15th August, 2021 on the occasion of ‘Mukti Parv’:

1. Today, along with ‘Mukti Parv’, India’s Independence Day is also being celebrated. Everyone likes freedom; be it freedom of thoughts or freedom of actions. But, we need to enjoy this freedom, by imbibing the rules and laws of the country, we live in.

2. If we talk about freedom of soul, we need to see, how we are utilizing this freedom. Our Satgurus and saints, whom we remembered today, had to sacrifice a lot for this. Being vast and divine; their life as well as death was a celebration. Hence, on the occasion of ‘Mukti Parv’, we are remembering their life in the form of a festival.

3. A poet wrote a film song, the lines of which were – ‘Relieve me from me, so that I can see myself’. Here seeing myself doesn’t mean physical view; that is possible in a mirror also. Infact, we are talking about the soul, which is our everlasting identity and is a form of this colorless, boundless and all pervading God (Nirankar). While living in this body also, we can be free from realization of living in body. God realized people live this life, by staying liberated from the body.

4. Physical identity is temporary; spiritual identity is everlasting. Realizing God and staying within it, is salvation. All saints and sages have always repeated this truth and also took its support. 

5. If we talk about Jagat Mata Ji, Raj Mata Ji or Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji, all of them served humanity by becoming a symbol of respect and empowerment of women. They served with love and compassion. They proved, that be it a male or a female; the same divine light (God) dwells in all.

6. Today, we remembered many devotees also. It would not be possible to take everyone’s names and there would be many such saints, who lived their life in devotion, in the supreme way, without showing off or coming in the fore front. Today is the day to remember them too. The lives of all the saints, be it from old or new times, who dedicated their life on the path of truth, are worth a celebration.

7. It is often prayed that may we live the last breath of our life while rendering selfless service (Sewa). Many saints merged in Almighty while doing selfless service (Sewa). But, those who remain engaged in other activities but, remembered God (Nirankar); they also surely attained salvation. Today we have to take inspiration from all these liberated souls, who overcame every test of life, by taking support of God.

8. Many a times it is prayed that may we pass the tests of life without facing them. If this complete and powerful God is with us, then why to fear any test? Why should we not pray that whatever test comes our way, we should have enough faith, wisdom and strength to overcome that situation.

9. May God bless everyone with liberation while living in this life and everyone keep treading on the path of devotion.

* * *


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