Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

South Zone UK: East London; West London; Oxford; Bedford; Hitchen; and Northampton

Here are some life changing messages from the holy discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as delivered during the 13th August virtual Samagam of UK (South Zone)

1.  A devotee achieves every small and big thing in life on the basis of Gyan, Sewa, Simran and Satsang. He always remains humble and grateful. We get to learn these human values even in school as a child but, then why are we still talking about imbibing them, after having grown up? This is because worldly attachments do not let us follow them in our practical life.

2. At times we form an opinion and judge others and as a result refrain from meeting them. But, when we meet them, we usually find that our assumptions about them were baseless. Likewise, sometimes we avoid going to satsang because we find certain aspects of another devotee disturbing; hence we are at a loss of wisdom.

3. We have to be large hearted by avoiding and overlooking trivial matters. Rather than talking about someone, it’s better to talk to them and find a common and amicable solution.

4. It is seen quite often, especially when we visit overseas nations that priority is given to relationships and friendships with people who share common cultural habits as ours. But, then how, are we going to spread the message of God Knowledge with the natives of those countries? It’s time that we count this as our duty and spread this Divine message everywhere.

5. Every saint is praying for conditions to become normal. It is sincerely prayed that may things become conducive for Satsangs to begin, so that saints can enjoy the bliss of Satsang along with seeking the blessings from each other’s lotus feet.

6. Corona has given us a lot of time to interact with children and youth at home. Our communication should be positive and productive, with an aim to both listen to them and also share our thoughts. It’s obviously a two way process. To impose our ideology on youth is not the right way.

7. We should not refrain from logic in our conversations. Though, Brahmgyan is above all logic but, it is so complete within itself that every logic arises from it. Thus, it is very much possible to talk to youth with logic and faith. 8. May Nirankar bless everyone with kindness, humility and gratitude in life. May all live in bliss and also become a boon for mankind.

* * *


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