Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

United Stated of America -East Coast

Here are some blissful excerpts from the holy discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as delivered during the virtual overseas Samagam of United States of America (East Coast) on 6th August, 2021.

1. We should practice what we preach. Our words should also manifest as our actions. They should become an integral part of our character.

2. Character is built by habits and habits are formed by our repeated actions. Actions, in turn are created by our thoughts. Thus, our focus should always be on good and positive thoughts. If we make Brahmgyan as the basis of our thoughts and think about the welfare of everyone, our deeds and subsequently our character will certainly become good.

3. Today, we were listening to a song, where the lyrics meant that why do we get sad, when we know that whatever happens, happens for the good. Perhaps because we don’t see God’s will in the outcome. If we witness God’s grace in every outcome, then the mind will remain content.

4. Contentment does not mean inaction. The Almighty God has given us freedom to do our deeds and we have to perform all our duties with hardwork and wisdom, leaving the result to the will and grace of Nirankar.

5. We have been given Brahmgyan to free ourselves from illusions and vices. If we continue to follow them, then Gyan is of no use.

6. We should always improve our character through self improvement and by removing vices from our nature. Earlier, vices were limited to judgements on the basis of caste, language, culture etc. but, with changing times, man has developed new parameters of such differences. People don’t talk to others thinking that they are intellectually superior but, we have to rise above all such differences.

7. Social media is also becoming very active these days. Many influencers share their thoughts and ideas about certain things in society and most of the people follow them with mob mentality. An enlightened person adopts something only after prudent thinking. We should first observe everything on the basis of Brahmgyan and wisdom; lest we fall prey to herd mentality. 8. May Nirankar bless all with strong faith, with focus on Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Not only our words but, our actions should also be an active part of our preachings.

* * *


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