Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Odisha, West Bengal, Sikkim and North Eastern States

Here is the essence of the life changing messages of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as blessed by Her Holiness on 4th August, 2021, during the virtual zonal Samagam of Odisha, West Bengal and North Eastern States.

1. The all pervading Almighty God can be realised and true devotion manifests only after this realisation of Brahmgyan. This has been the message of many masters across the ages. To witness God in everyone, irrespective of the differences of caste, language, color, cultures etc.; can alone lead us to a righteous living.

2. We also get to learn such moral and ethical values in educational institutes and various other places but, they are of worth only when implemented in life.

3. The Olympic games are going on nowadays, where we see that the players get only a little time to prove their mettle after years of preparation and hardwork. Likewise, little moments of challenge are a test of our character and understanding, which we nurture during our lifetime. If we continue the practice of adorning our words and actions with regular Satsang, our response in difficult times would also be based on virtues of faith, devotion and goodness.

4. Noble thoughts are not only to be heard from one ear and cast out from the other; rather, we should utilize them for our own good along with the welfare of others.

5. It is usually believed that changing someone’s behaviour is very difficult; but, it is certainly possible with knowledge, good company and regular practice of righteous living. We have to win over our mind when it inclines towards vices. We have to lift up others, instead of knocking them down. Do unto others, as you want others to do unto you.

6. We break our relationships with others over certain misunderstandings. When we examine the communication deeply, we will find that the matter is very trivial and that it is only our ego due to which we create a mountain out of a molehill.

7. We expect to be forgiven by the Almighty God for all our shortcomings and sins; but, do we also do the same with others ? We need to move ahead by forgiving and seeking forgiveness from others.

8. If we nurture desire in our mind, there is certainly a chance of disappointment. Desires are often seen to break hearts. When we climb a mountain, we walk over the rocks and sand leaving our baggage behind; rather than carrying it all on our shoulders. Likewise, we should not carry the burden of desire and attachment in our life. We need to win them over. 9. If a certain thing does not happen as per our wish; we have to accept it as God’s will and grace. In the long run, we will find that whatever happened, has happened for the good. May Nirankar bless all with virtues of wisdom, compassion, love and humility, so that each one can practice true devotion walking the path of Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

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