Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual)

Here is a summary of life changing messages from the holy discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as blessed during the virtual Samagam on Sunday, 1st August, 2021.

1. If we do any task without understanding its essence, we can’t reap its complete benefit. Similarly, when we do any act in devotion, it is necessary to know it’s logic and meaning; otherwise, it shall fall under the category of a ritual. It will take form of a delusion and an illusion.

2. When we are singing a song etc., usually, we are merely chanting it, without paying attention to its meaning. That, of course, is of no use! Anything we say or do, should be done with its understanding and feelings.

3. There are many such activities in Nirankari Mission also, about which, perhaps the younger generation may not know the full purpose and therefore, it is but, natural for them to have questions in their mind. Just as we make Holy Water (Charanamrit), we do so by seeing the form of Satguru in that saint. The emotion and sentiments are most important here. If there are feelings and faith, only then, mere water works as a medicine. Without faith, even medicine is of no use.

4. The tradition of offering food (bhog) in the Mission, is symbolic of seeing God’s form in another saint and expressing our gratitude towards God, for giving us food.

5. Similarly, when we recite ‘Manglacharan’ and ‘Dhuni’, we should understand it and recite the words with realization. Today, let’s focus on the lines of ‘Dhuni’.

“My Body and Mind, I devote, with your support and grace to thee.
May I sing praises, says Avtar, night and day of thee.
One Thou Formless, One Thou Formless”

6. If we are getting wet in the rain and we get the cover of a dense tree, we are saved from getting wet. Similarly, the shelter of God (Nirankar) protects us from sorrow and anxiety. It makes us feel safe and secure. We complete this journey of life in a subtle and effortless manner.

When a building is under construction, it is supported by a net of bamboo. Similarly, if a boat is tied to the anchor, then it remains stable even in a storm; because that nail is firmly embedded to the ground. Similarly, the support of God (Nirankar) does not allow us to wander in the storms of life. An enlightened saint, inculcates this feeling of God (Nirankar) in his body and mind; and lives life by dedicating every breath to God. The meaning of day and night is, that every moment, there should be support and realization of God (Nirankar).

 “To the errors, I am prone
You are lord of forgiveness,
Don’t dwell on my faults.
One Thou Formless, One Thou Formless”

7. The word ‘forgetful’ here doesn’t literally mean to forget; it means, to commit a mistake. A disciple has the realization that he commits mistakes every moment and hence, he seeks forgiveness from God. Although, this is also true, that God does justice. But, if we pray to a saint and the Lord Master (Guru), we are forgiven. The condition is, that the intention should not be to repeat those mistakes. Further, it is also being prayed that O Lord! Do not open the book of my sins and please forgive me. Keep my sins in veil.  Similarly, we should also learn to cast curtains on mistakes of others.

“You manifest in us all
Your benevolence showers upon us
This is my prayer, O’ Lord.
One Thou Formless, One Thou Formless”

8. It is a fact, that the entire world is manifestation of God. But, we don’t realize this fact, until we attain the Divine Knowledge from the True Master. We need to check, whether we are rising above discriminations and loving the entire nature and humanity; or are we spreading negativity everywhere and becoming a reason for destruction. When we talk about doing good, it comes to mind that God (Nirankar) is already doing good but, am I able to foresee good in His will? And ‘demand’ does not mean a claim but, a prayer. And a prayer is accepted, if it is not with a selfish motive but, for the good of all.

“My faith in You, may never falter,
Bless me with faith, devotion, love,
May I respect all saints.
One Thou Formless, One Thou Formless”

9. When we attain this Divine Knowledge, it is essential to have faith on the same. If we always keep questioning then, spiritual growth is not possible. In today’s age of social media, many efforts are being made to shake our faith but, only those who believe in this God, lead a successful life. Even after attaining the Divine Knowledge, there is a risk of getting into delusions and thus, we need to be careful. Faith, devotion and love are essential dimensions of a devotee’s life. Without faith, even a sick person can’t be cured. Many a times, we have heard that when the doctors reach the last stage in the treatment of a patient, they say that now only prayers can help, medicine can’t. Faith is also an integral part of devotion.

10. We should give importance to imbibe the Divine Knowledge in our life and not only look forward to be close to the Guru, physically. Staying around Guru, just to show-off, will not help us gain anything. And if we are following the Guru’s commandments, even upon staying away, our life shall definitely change. We should respect saints and not plot conspiracies.

11. We should do every task, after understanding the reason behind it; otherwise, it will become a case of blind faith or ritual. This Simran (Dhuni), which we sing towards the end of the congregation, is being sung since the era of Shahenshah Ji but, the current form started in 1980s. Following these words, we should continue doing selfless service (Sewa), God remembrance (Simran), attending holy congregations (Satsang) and we should continue to fill ourselves with bliss of devotion.

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