Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): July 16, 2021

Yet another International Samagam and an opportunity to learn from the teachings of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. Here are some blissful messages from the discourse of Her Holiness as delivered during the 16th July, 2021 virtual programme:-

1. All species of animals, right from a fly that lives for a day to a tortoise that survives for hundreds of years; they all eat, sleep and do other routine activities between birth and death. How then are humans different from them, if we also do the same and depart?  Brahmgyan is the actual purpose of attaining this human birth.

2. Our life and character should be illustrated with Love, Compassion, Tolerance and Humility etc after receiving Brahmgyan. We should accept a Brahmgyani’s word saying ‘Satvachan’ but, if we find someone guiding us against Gurmat, then we have to remain vigilant and aware. We should try to talk with them about the importance of Gyan in life.

3. When sometimes there is an argument in family or work place, it is better to remain silent. At times, while talking on the mobile, we find that the voice from the other end is not clear. We start thinking that the network of the other person is weak. But, the case can be otherwise. May be our own signal is weak which we are not observing. Likewise in life, before pointing fingers at others, we should try and improve ourselves also.

4. Many youngsters in foreign nations are confused as to whether they should follow their parents’ advice or follow the local cultural value system. Parents should also try to talk to their children and understand them. A healthy two way discussion definitely brings forth a nice way out.

5. We should try to live our words in our family, work, society and the world. We don’t have a right to talk about large-heartedness, if we are narrow minded in our practical life. Rising above all differences, we should palliate the shortcomings of others.

6. We should listen to any conversation with open and unprejudiced view. We need to love the entire creation of the Creator. Nature, a creation of God is also to be taken care of, with compassion.

7. We have to be same with our thoughts, words and action. This is possible when we connect with Nirankar. An enlightened soul remains unperturbed by the temporary ups and downs of life. Peace of mind is possible only when we remember the Almighty God.

8. Our love for others should be true and selfless. This begins by loving God, followed by self, family, society and then the world.

9. We have received Brahmgyan. Now, we need to nurture and sustain it in our heart and mind. It’s not appropriate to say, ‘shower grace over me’, everytime. Grace has already been showered in the form of Gyan. We now just need to follow it in our life. We should not let trivial issues affect us.

10. All actions should be done with 100 percent commitment and then with complete surrenderance to the will of Nirankar. May Nirankar bless all to be imbued in His remembrance, alongwith a righteous path embellished with Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

* * *


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