Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): July 4, 2021

Here are some blissful excerpts from the discourse of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, delivered on 4th July, 2021 during the virtual Sunday Satsang programme:-

1. The messages of saints are always a boon for humankind. They have always reinforced the need to connect with One Formless Almighty Nirankar, who is addressed with different names by people in different times.

2. Everyone seeks salvation. But, salvation can only be attained by receiving Brahmgyan and then leading a life based on it.

3. A saint was asked how did he live a life that was so effortless and blissful. He said- “I always eat when I have to eat and sleep when I have to sleep”. The seeker was confused and to clarify his point, the saint said- “I don’t think about anything while eating and sleeping, by leaving everything to God. I live in the moment, by leaving the outcome to the Almighty. This is the secret of my bliss.”

4. True saints surrender their actions to Almighty God. Every action done with mindful remembrance of Nirankar is devotion.

5. The world is full of various kinds of people. Some strengthen our faith on God, while others weaken it, trying to lead us astray. But, a devotee remains watchful against such intentions. As Sampuran Hardev Bani also mentions “Duniya ki baton ka man par bhakt asar na lete hain, kabhi nahi vishwas ko apne kam wo hone dete hain” (True Devotees do not get digressed from the ill-intended words and motives of the world. Rather, they stay firm in faith of God). This is because a saint knows that by doing this, he would only harm his own state of bliss.

6. Some people are busy spreading rumours or denouncing others. But, an enlightened saint remains ever vigilant. He questions the rumour monger if he has seen the event with his own eyes? If no, then why spread rumours and if yes, then also rather than bad mouthing the person, it’s better to sit and talk with that person and help him change his behaviour.

7. Nirankari Mission has made devotion very simple. All we need to do is realise this formless Almighty Nirankar, and follow the path of Sewa, Simran and Satsang by getting rid of ego. This is the way to bliss and joy.

8. The teachings and preachings of saints and sages are common and universal in all times. We just need to follow them in today’s perspective. A devotee learnt dance for 12 years to make his teacher happy. This won’t be perhaps logical today. But, the teaching is precious. We need to grasp the lesson, rather than getting lost in the literal story.

9. We often meet people with a preconceived notion and judgement. This is narrow minded approach. We should meet everyone by giving them a benefit of the doubt, with no assumptions and an open heart.

10. Someone asked that do we have to sacrifice self respect to remaining humble. I told them that we can always maintain our essential self respect while remaining humble. All we need to remember is that self respect should not transform into ego.

11. May Nirankar bless everyone with the strength to follow devotion with Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

* * *


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