Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): June 25, 2021

African and Some Asian Countries

Here are some inspiring and life changing messages from the discourse of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, as blessed on 25th June, 2021 during the Africa-Asia Samagam:-

1. Truth, Love and Oneness are universal for all humans, beyond all identities of caste, culture, language, nationality etc.

2. Rather than only Unity in Diversity, an enlightened souls seeks Oneness in Diversity. This world is like a garden with different flowers that together make it beautiful. But, unfortunately, mankind still seems to be broken into segments because of ego, ignorance and differing identities.

3. A poet also says- ‘Phool tou nibha lete hain kanto se bhi, aadmi hee aadmi se nahi milta’. i.e., Flowers dwell even with thorns but, humans do not meet each other with love and compassion.

4. Flowers give fragrance to those who carry them or even to those who crush them. They spread fragrance wherever they grow or exist. Likewise, we also have to spread fragrance of love and human values by our words and actions; serving all with the resources blessed by Nirankar.

5. We should have equanimity in our outlook towards all, contributing positively for the welfare of all.

6. If we care for our neighbours, we indirectly care for ourselves. As it is said, love thy neighbour. Even Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj use to say that if we burn our neighbour’s house, we can’t save our own. A poet also says, ‘Aag ka kya hai, pal do pal mein lagti hai, bujhte bujhte ek zamana lagta hai’, which means that fire can be raised in minutes but, blowing it out takes much longer. Likewise, we should not hurt or harm others, as this would finally be harmful to us only.

7. Virtues of goodness can be imbibed from Satsang no doubt but, an awakened soul also learns from the environment and surroundings.

 8. May all be blessed by Nirankar to follow the path of Sewa, Simran, Satsang and true devotion.

* * *


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