Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): June 11, 2021

Here are some inspiring, enlightening and guiding Messages of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj from Her Holy Discourse on 11thJune 2021, at the conclusion of Virtual Samagam of Central America.

1. Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang done with pious BHAV (Intentions) form the foundation of True Devotion.

2. Truth, Love and Oneness are the guiding forces of devotee’s life. Truth here means the eternal, everlasting Truth of Almighty Nirankar and not the ever-changing truths of the material world.

3. If someone wanders and strays even after looking at a milestone, nothing can guide him to his destination. Likewise, we can awaken someone who is asleep. But nothing can be done for the person, who pretends to be sleeping, even while being awake. This ignorance happens when we get engrossed and attached to Maya, the illusionary ephemeral world.

4. The CCTV of Nirankar is always observing our actions and intentions too.

5. A child asked – “What is wisdom?”. He was told that though his mother tells him to avoid junk food, but when the mother is away, he tries to cheat upon her and eat junk food. The child realised that yes, he does get stirred by an inner voice that tells him that he is doing wrong, but he avoids that voice and harms his health. This inner voice is wisdom. A Gursikh should also remain ever-vigilant from such attractions of the world.

6. We should stay in “Self-correction” mode

7. We, as souls are a part of the almighty Over Soul, like the branches of a tree, that may be addressed as branches, but are nothing but the tree.

8. When we visit a grocery store with a clear mind of what we need for our recipe, we will not get distracted. But if we have no clear vision of our aim, we will waste our time and resources in buying useless things. Likewise, a Gursikh stays focused on his purpose, Nirankar and the righteous path in life.

9. Even if we leave aside the journey after life for a while, the truthful path of God Knowledge and Sewa, Simran, Satsang ensures us a stress-free and joyful life while we are still in this body.

10. May all remain connected to Nirankar, leading a blissful life for themselves and also becoming a boon for the world.

* * *


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