Discourse by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj during the Satsang Programme (Virtual): June 09, 2021

(Rajasthan: Tonk, Paota, Churu and Jaipur Zones)

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj addressed the global Nirankari family on Wednesday, 9th June, 2021 at the conclusion of Virtual Regional Satsang programme of Rajasthan.

In Her holy discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:-

“The Creator of this universe has created all humans alike but, each individual is unique and worthy, because of the noble values he carries in his behavior. God has blessed everyone with a childlike innocence and pure heart but, as the child grows into an adult, the impressions of the materialistic world start influencing the mind, which gradually relinquish the humane qualities; sees the world with a vision of biasness and develops a biased arrogant attitude. Whereas, those who nurture purity of thought instill devotion and dignity in life, their faces reflect an ethereal glow.

It is often said that, there is an absence of humaneness in a man because man looses the innocence in his character. Undoubtedly, the best way to improvise and enhance our behavior is to establish a deep connection with the Almighty (Nirankar). Surely, then the positive attitude automatically motivates the mind to see the goodness in everyone and overlooks the shortcomings; generosity and compassion are generated and soon one realizes that God has made each one of us in His own image. In fact, the realization of the Divine Presence prevents the man from committing any mistakes intentionally.

Humanity is the core nature of a human being and a man devoid of humaneness is like an animal. An animal still stays true to its nature, like for a lion to kill or for a bird to fly is natural. In fact, a dead animal’s body parts, like the ivory teeth of an elephant or the lion’s skin are very highly priced. A man’s life is worthwhile only when his behavior is noble and ethical. He has to earn his liberation while living in the world and that can be achieved by experiencing the Divine Presence through self realization in his life.

Therefore, we as humans must do justice to our being by staying true to our nature. As a poet has also said, “animal, man, angel, God these are the many forms of a human being.” Only a man has the flexibility as well as the choice to become a very helpful, compassionate and benevolent like an angel or be malicious and ferocious like an animal. So, we must be cautious and alert in deciding what we want to become; it is with the support of spiritual awareness that one is cautious to choose and follow the path of righteousness.

In today’s crucial times of Corona, we witnessed in the news, how some have taken an undue advantage of the situation, completely losing their sanity and adopting immoral ways to fulfill their selfish needs, make money by circulating fake medicines in the markets. A similar situation was witnessed during a massive earthquake, where a hand was seen seeking for help out of the debris and instead of saving his life someone went up to him, took out the ring from his finger and left him to die. What a sadistic and a brutal behavior of a human. Where as, on the other side some willingly shared their earnings to serve the humanity to the best of their abilities; organized blood donation camps, food distribution and supported the noble cause silently without any desire for appreciation or public acclaim.

Surely, such a man cannot be pardoned who intentionally fleeces others, consciously decides to follow unethical means, is shrewd and malicious; has totally lost his values, has become insensitive to the pain and sufferings of others, rather he is a beast in the body of a man. As a poet has said, ‘One who does not recognize God as Supreme, how can one expect him to understand a human being’. It is the presence of Divine noble saints, which plays a very significant role in uplifting and awakening the society from this slumber of inhumaneness and convince them that barbarism is self destructive. The best way to purify the mind is to inculcate a strong desire to do selfless service wholeheartedly, as this is the only way to beautify and embellish the universe, which the Almighty has blessed us with. Therefore, we should make a sincere effort to leave this world a better place to live. We must move forward on the righteous path of wisdom and spirituality with positivity and positivity alone. There should be no room for any kind of negativity or confusion.

There are such people who are well versed with worldly as well as the knowledge of the scriptures; but, only those individuals are worthy of praise, which apply the knowledge in their personal life. Just like mere watching the recipe of any dish on the internet cannot be relished, similarly the best of knowledge is meaningless until it is applied in action. Actions speak much louder than words. Unless virtues like humaneness, compassion, humility, large heartedness and love are not imbibed in our behavior, surely we will fall in the category of those who are hollow and shallow from within. Therefore, we must give our best to prove worthy of being a sincere true human being.

With the analogy of a traveller it has been explained here that in order to reach the final destination clarity of the route and correct signboards are necessary; similarly the final goal of a human being is to connect with the Almighty and the way to experience it is to be conscious of the Divine Presence 24X7. Automatically goodness will prevail and in the process we will benefit as well as guide others to follow the spiritual path and also share the Truth that it is possible to recognize and experience God. Each devotee should strive to be a worthy citizen and follow the three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang with sincerity.”

* * *


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