Satsang Programme (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Ji: May 23; 26; and 28, 2021

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the global Nirankari family with the decision of having live virtual tours and congregations, thrice a week in Her Divine Presence. The Sunday congregation will be held globally and the rest two shall be on Wednesday and Friday. The Wednesday congregation shall be a national zonal programme and the one on Friday shall be assigned for the international virtual congregation in various parts of the globe.

The Nirankari fraternity was elated on hearing this blissful news. Addressing the first three virtual live congregations Satguru Mata Ji emphasized on a few vital points.

Satguru Mata Ji stated:

The main motive behind starting the live virtual spiritual programmes is to organize maximum participation of the devotees all across the globe who have been seeking to attend congregations. Many saints talked about the relevance of maintaining stability during these challenging times, few also discussed the value of acceptance and unity inspite of there being so much diversity in the society.

22nd May being dedicated as the International Day of Biological Diversity; there is a medley in the universe created by the Creator, be it in the sea or land. We as humans should sincerely be in gratitude to the Supreme Power and try to enhance the environment not only around us but, within our minds too, by evolving. The way to move in that direction is to experience God Knowledge, establish a deep connection, feel the Divine Presence each moment and thus, walk on the spiritual path.

The message communicated by various saints was to surrender to the Divine Will while having unwavering trust in the Almighty, maintaining a mental equilibrium and stability and trying to remain unaffected in all situations because the attitude of an enlightened soul in all circumstances is detached and unbiased. The prime objective is to see divinity in everyone and respond to the situation responsibly to the best of one’s ability. Such individuals prove to be a blessing for the society.

Each of us should be vigilant and follow the necessary precautions related to isolation or vaccination during the ongoing Corona times. Incase of any crisis and a distressing situation a devotee leads his life in total surrender accepting the situation as the Divine Will.

In the Delhi NCR congregation Satguru Mata Ji said:

The main point of discussion in the congregation was the significance of God Knowledge in the life of a devotee. Every speaker reinforced that when we are insync with the Divinity there is radiance in our life; whereas, when we are disconnected from the Supreme consciousness then inspite of realization of Truth; darkness and sadness prevails in our life.

As we witnessed the Lunar Eclipse; which symbolizes the presence of light being concealed by a veil of a dark object; none the less the moon still glows. Likewise come what may, we should strive to radiate with humane qualities always.

The Mission has completed 92 years of spreading this Divine Knowledge to every nook and corner of the world and now this responsibility falls on our shoulders to protect and spread the spiritual message. The way to enhance our life is, to establish a strong connection with the Supreme by strengthening our devotion following the three spiritual aspects of Sewa, Simran and Satsang with dedication. Our prime focus should be on self improvement and to live our life in awareness of our prime source, the Almighty God.

Satguru Mata Ji stated in the spiritual congregation that was organized by the Birmingham Leicester Zone; the first destination of the Virtual World Tour:

The message conveyed by the speakers was that the Almighty is the substratum of our life and we have to work hard on the betterment of ourself. There is a quote which says that, ‘Create a life that feels good from within, not one that just looks good from the outside.’ The learning is that there should not be any pretense in our behavior and we have to be true to ourselves. Our thoughts, heart and intellect should speak the same language of compassion, humility and submission. The focus should be to analyze our own shortcomings and to improvise them because our pretentious behavior will lead us nowhere.

Spirituality is a journey of the body, mind and soul; to transform it from within. God Realization is an amazing experience that changes the selfish attitude of an individual to selflessness. Such a devotee feels in sync with humankind; there are no discriminations or distinctions of any sort. The Blood Donation Camps are a testimony to this observation; the reason being that a devotee always visualizes the image of his Almighty in each human being.

The concept of “Aham Brahmasmi”, explains that the Supreme Consciousness resides in all, right from the minutest microscopic beings to the human race and every other being on the planet. Undoubtedly, the Creator has created a beautiful world and we must have a vision to sustain as well as embellish this glory by making positive and productive contributions.

Another important learning during the Corona crisis has been to humbly surrender to the Divine Will in all situations and if we are truly evolved then it should reflect in our persona. It is stated that ‘God made man in His own image’ so we should also possess those Divine qualities. Such people don’t complain in confronting difficult situations, rather they hold on to the unwavering trust in Almighty, praying that this too shall pass. Each one of us should strive to become such an evolved devotees.”

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