Bhakti Parv (Virtual): January 10, 2021

The Bhakti Parv Samagam was held under the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in a virtual format for the entire Nirankari fraternity across the globe.

In Her holy discourse Satguru Mata Ji said:

“On this special day, designated to celebrate spirituality (Bhakti Parv); each devotee fervently prays to embrace the Divine Presence in his or her heart and soul. He aspires to live through the journey of his life by being in connection with the Supreme Lord, performing all mundane activities whilst awake or asleep, with so much dedication that sacred and angelic virtues are ingrained deeply in the character.

An amazing feature of worship is that devotion is not confined to a particular time period; as long as one is breathing one can worship the Lord Master. Another wonderful aspect of reverence is that if one remembers God before starting any action, which could be as trivial as making a polite phone call to anyone in distress, to hear him out, is not a mere phone call; it transpires into an act of devotion. The underlying thought behind this concept is that since God is the common link between the person who is making the call and the one who is receiving it; therefore, it is a blessing.

May the Almighty (Nirankar) fortify each one’s dedication in all aspects, though it is equally significant to understand that our devotion, our polite behavior, our calm composed demeanor cannot be a limited phenomenon; we should be devoted and serene 24 hours of the day. Our devotion should not depend on any specific time or situation. Just as innate relations neither differ nor are they momentary; once a relative is always a relative. Similarly, a soul’s connection with the Super Soul; once established in life remains united forever. Our past history testifies that, anyone who experiences God Realization with the Grace of a Satguru, their devotion becomes eternal; be it Mirabai’s love or the adoration of a young boy named Prahlad and for that matter it could be the dedication of an elderly person too. Devotion for the Lord is above all parameters of society, education, caste or any other criteria. This precious jewel of the Divine Knowledge is a priceless gift and whosoever receives it, becomes the richest person in spirituality. Devotion is a pure, sublime relation between a devotee and the Almighty.         

Hence, it should be our earnest effort to purify our thoughts, be it in remembrance of God or in leading our life according to the divine values. It is not that, this concept of devotion was applicable in the bygone years only. Even today true worship holds the same significance. It is also not true that devotees lived only in the past; God Knowledge is still being imparted and the soul gets an opportunity to unite with the Super Soul. This knowledge is neither dependent nor restricted to any particular time or a particular country. In all eras; be it Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and now Kaliyug; worshiping God has always been prevalent and is being practiced.

Worship does not by any standards indicate running away from the obligatory duties, rather it is supposed to be practiced while being a householder. It is asserted and presumed that whatever role we are in; be it a student, a bread earner or a retired person, we should fulfill our duties towards the society, our family and be in spirituality simultaneously.

On this special day today, we all are reminiscing the exemplary devotion of Santokh Singh ji who gave foremost importance and  executed as well; as per the direction given by his Lord Master (Satguru) to shift from his existing home and start living on a land which was a marshy forest, deserted and absolutely uninhabited. Surely, it is not an easy task to uproot oneself from a comfortable environment of a house in a colony and start living all alone in a barren forlorn location. At that time, not even for a fraction of a second he thought about himself or his family; the only driving force behind this act was his unflinching surrender and devotion for his Lord Master’s (Guru’s) verdict. Today, we all can witness the same site of the Sarovar as a beautiful scenic destination. The sole thought and desire behind all this action was to surrender and adhere to his Lord Master’s wish. If we were to correlate this act in today’s times; we may not be asked to forego the comforts and live life in a forsaken place; but, the true worship and spirituality is to imbibe and implement the spiritual values as well as improvise our behavior according to the teachings learnt in the holy congregations.

It’s not Santokh Singh ji alone; but, there were and still are, so many more devotees like him who have walked and are still walking on the path of worship with reverence, consciously as well as cautiously; they have surrendered themselves to the Almighty (Nirankar), totally absorbed in the divine love. All we need to learn is; what is the role of a devotee? How does he lead his life and what kind of thoughts does he nurture in his mind?

Whether we try to reflect upon the history of our Mission or review the lives of saints like Kabir ji, the learning is how to improvise our devotion and have unwavering trust in God. Our focus should be to strengthen our faith with the support of observing the three spiritual values of selfless service (Sewa), remembrance of God (Simran) and to be in the company of saints (Satsang). With the Grace of God and irrespective of our external circumstances may we be able to strengthen our trust, faith and devotion. With the support of productive actions; by doing selfless service, let us enhance our life, so that we appreciate our own self and along with that bring honor to our Mission.”


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