Message to Humankind: 73rd Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed one and all with a Message to Humankind at the inaugural ceremony of the 73rd Virtual Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam. Due to the Covid-19 situation a virtual format was given to the Samagam which was first of its kind in the Nirankari history.

In this Message to Humankind Satguru Mata Ji stated:-

“We all are abreast with the manner in which the pandemic has treated everyone in the year 2020; so much so, that each individual in the world was affected; thereupon everybody’s routine was disrupted and reprogrammed.

The reactions and responses of people affected by the pandemic are surely varied and thought provoking. It is very intriguing to note that during this period of lockdown, no matter how much wealth each one possessed; it could not be put to use. Everyone was compelled to follow the guidelines that stated to stay indoors and not travel anywhere; consequently the most expensive cars were parked in the driveways of huge palatial houses for days together. The irony of the situation is that people could not avail the accumulated wealth.

Since ages we have been listening to saints cautioning us saying that the materialistic wealth has relevance in life but, do not give it a black market value simply because it is an illusion as well as a delusion. In fact, the value of commodities and resources is applicable only till it is being utilized for the welfare of our family, society or for our personal daily needs; otherwise this materialism is of no relevance.

Enlightened saints have always motivated the mankind to focus on the Human Values of compassion, politeness, benevolence, nobility, integrity and many more to enhance the life. It was commonly observed that during the lockdown period people were restricted to their homes only. Those families who observed the sublime virtues were happy staying together and did not think the situation as a negative aspect; rather they felt it to be a good opportunity to spend time together and strengthen their relationships with each other, which had become a rarity for all because of their busy schedules.

It was quite apparent and visible how these noble values helped people to go through the turbulent times. The lockdown not only taught us to be compassionate, it also strengthened the virtue to do selfless service for mankind in an individual capacity. The Mission also came forward to contribute and serve in every possible way. In fact, due to the lockdown situation everyone evolved from selfish attitude to selfless behavior. A feeling of Brotherhood and a World without walls was generated and people were being proactive in offering their services to whosoever was in need. As a result it was proven with immense conviction that humanitarianism is the true religion, supposed to be adopted by all. Lockdown provided the appropriate stimulus to spread love and oneness because, love is the innate nature of a man and we sincerely wish that in future, such a stimulus is never required again in being kind and gentle with everyone.

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Henceforth, it is our earnest desire and a prayer that our hearts be full of lovingness and warmth for mankind. May in future, we don’t have to affront any such situation which has to remind us to apply our true religion of humaneness in our behavior. The art of living is to practice the skill of detached attachment in our dealings with the world. We must understand that material objects are supposed to be used so let us use them but, they are not the sole purpose of our existence. Our focus should be to cultivate the feeling of love and oneness with the world; which will help us to establish a connection with the Eternal Truth and further strengthen our sense of stability in life. In modesty, we pray that let there be love, magnanimity, tenderness, tolerance, large heartedness, respect for all and many more such noble qualities in each life so that we all prove to be a worthy human being and let us love not because we have to but, because it is the only way forward.”

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