Satsang Programme (Virtual) in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Ji

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj addressed the Nirankari fraternity all across the globe in a virtual form on the topic ‘Gyan and Vivek’ (God Knowledge and Conciousness) on October 18, 2020 from Mussorrie, Uttrakhand.

Satguru Mata Ji said:-

“Today, as we all have seen that the theme for samagam is ‘Stability’ and the logo is a symbolic form of a tree. When the wind blows the tree sways, the branches and the leaves also sway but, the roots of the tree hold it strongly and do not allow it to move irrespective of how strong the wind is blowing. The tree stands stable at its position because its roots are so deep and hold it strongly. Likewise, if we have to stay stable in our life then, no matter how unstable the situation is outwardly but, we can be stable from inside by being connected to the stable God. If our roots are such that we have full faith in this Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and God (Nirankar) then that faith of ours keeps us stable. Then no matter what happens in the world a devotee remains unshaken in his life. He becomes stable being connected with the stable God.

For example, if water remains stagnant at a place, it becomes a reason for filth and mosquitoes to thrive in. Then the endeavour is that the water doesn’t remain stagnant at one place and if we consider muddy water; we notice that once it is kept still at a place, the mud slowly settles down and we get clear and transparent water on top. So, if we talk about our mind; what kind of stability do we need? There are so many thoughts going on in our mind that when we connect with God (Nirankar) through God Remembrance (Simran), it leads to peace.

It’s such stability that inspite of disturbing thoughts, they calm down our mind and they settle down at the bottom like the mud in the muddy water and then we move ahead with a clear heart and pure feelings. Unlike, the water which is so dirty that it is unable to settle down and insects and mosquitoes start breeding on its surface. What kind of stability do we want? We need to think and decide. If we connect with God (Nirankar) and stay in the company of saints (Sangat) then we shall achieve stability in the true sense. In today’s congregation, we repeatedly listened about the role of wisdom after the Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan). After receiving the Divine Knowledge our conscious awakens and our responsibility increases that we should take every step by staying connected with God (Nirankar) because the moment we forget God then within moments we shall lose connectivity with the Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and we are bound to err.

May Almighty bless us that we all focus on the upcoming Virtual Samagam (Congregation) though, we will not be present in a physical form this year but, we must enjoy the bliss of attending the Samagam from our homes and we should contribute in Selfless Service (Sewa), in whatever possible way. May God bless that we consciously weigh every word and every action of ours and our mind is absolutely stable by connecting with God (Nirankar).”

* * *


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