Samarpan Diwas: May 13, 2020

The Samarpan Diwas congregation to commemorate the teachings of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, was held in a virtual format in the Divine Presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. The virtual format was due to the Covid-19 situation.

Addressing the Global Nirankari fraternity Satguru Mata Ji stated:-

“Today, on the occasion of Samarpan Diwas, we are reminiscing the valuable teachings of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, exemplified in the timespan of 36 years of His life. It is a common established fact that, be it a youngster or even a child, everyone will be able to share, at least one personal, memorable experience, while attending the spiritual congregation; where they were deeply touched by the everlasting and blissful smile of Baba Ji. Those precious moments seemed as if one had received immense happiness and affection. That’s why, everyone could relate to the terminology used by Mata Savinder Ji Maharaj for Baba Ji that, He was ‘Love Personified’.

Baba Ji was an epitome of love, He lived His life in spreading warmth and kindness and He expected each one of us to imbibe the same values in our lives. There is a very famous quote in The Holy Bible, “Love thy neighbor”, stating to express compassion and love for our neighbors as we would like to be loved ourselves.

It is not a mere observation but, a reality that whenever we express compassion for the fellow being, we will be the first ones to appreciate inner peace and humility in our own self. The first benefit of this action is that the giver is able to dissolve his ego, accept and visualize the Divine in everyone successfully, which further signifies a genuine acceptance and surrender. Today, being a special occasion everyone has shared that one should lead his or her life in complete devotion and willingly accept all situations; good or bad as God’s Grace. There should be no complaints rather only expression of gratitude to The Almighty (Nirankar).

I had read a story few days ago, which I would like to share with everyone. There were two young bothers, aged 5 and 8 years. The elder one had a disease, which required a blood transfusion but, only a sibling’s blood could be accepted, so the doctor asked the younger brother, “can we transfer blood from your body to your brother’s body so that he recovers from the illness?” Amazingly, he volunteered to donate blood immediately to save his brother’s life. Accordingly, the whole process of transfusion was organized. It so happened that during the process, the younger brother was very happy to see brightness and redness on his brother’s pale face. Alongside, on seeing his own body and face turning pale, he asked the doctor, “Am I going to die now”. The doctor was slightly confused to hear his question. But, the reality was that being an infant he did not comprehend the doctor’s message clearly and thought that he would have to donate all blood from his body. The astonishing part is to see the willingness of a 5 year old child to give away all blood of his body to save his brother. It also highlights his level of acceptance and surrender in such a tender age.

The observation in this story, whether true or false is about the message conveyed, which is very noble.  How a child, without thinking about his own self and out of pure love and submission comes forward to save his family member. Similarly, God has created this whole world as one big family and we should serve the mankind selflessly. This transformation, from selfish attitude to selfless behavior can only happen if the focus or centre of your life is, to be a giver.

It is only after recognizing the real purpose, the focal point, the goal of life that we start practicing the values of surrender and acceptance selflessly; to give and share without expecting anything in return. When we become a giver, a transformation takes place in the mind, where one tries to implement the teachings learnt in the spiritual gatherings, where we realize that the theory taught in the Satsang needs to be lived in our life practically and we can mould our thoughts accordingly. Undoubtedly, Reverend Avneet Ji’s life demonstrates and affirms the belief, how he surrendered himself in the holy feet of his Lord Master (Guru), how he steered his life as per the teachings of his teacher. It is to be seen how gracefully he conducted himself in the industry, a field where all sorts of exposures are accessible but, he was glued to the spiritual teachings all the time; so much so that even if he was surrounded by unpleasant activities, he would not only refrain himself from them, in fact he would inspire his fellow beings not to indulge in unethical activities and would even guide them by saying that the best way to avoid walking on the immoral path is to follow the instructions of your Lord Master. There are so many learnings which can be appreciated in Avneet Ji’s life, which if followed will benefit us. In todays time and age, we all are truly blessed, therefore should pursue the same path, enhance our life and always be indebted to Baba Ji for His benevolence, compassion and grace.

I would like to share a personal experience during the NIS in Birmingham. One night, before the programme was supposed to start preparations were going on but, they were behind schedule in completing the desired layout. Amongst many saints who were working there one of them cornered the saint in charge of the Samagam decorations. He used uncomplimentary and unethical language, a language that was not based on the principles of spirituality. I witnessed that Baba Ji was observing the whole scenario; the way the saint on duty was being intimidated, so very calmly He approached them and got involved in the conversation. One of them complained to Baba Ji saying, “See Baba Ji, because of this saint work is neither being done properly nor is it being completed on time.” At that time Baba Ji gave a very valuable learning, never ever to demean or expose anyone. Very briefly Baba Ji explained to the devotees standing there, that the accused saint’s father was the first one to start the concept of artistic creativity in the Mission, inspite of the fact, that in the beginning, he had to face lot of opposition and confrontation. Those days computer technology was not prevalent, yet his father used to sketch on the cover page of so many literature books with his hands.

The message I realized after witnessing the whole situation was that, whenever there is any fight or disharmony amongst each other, the human tendency is to add fuel to the fire. Our effort is always, to support the one who is overbearing and make the other person feel low. On the contrary, what our Guru displayed was that without making anyone feel inferior or small, also without making a hue and cry about the problem, He made both devotees realize that it is immoral to take out faults and one should remain focused in the completion of their assigned duties. How gracefully He handled the situation, by mere appreciation and gave us a very big learning in a very small episode. We are blessed to have been under the Divine Grace of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj for 36 years, followed by Mata Savinder Ji Maharaj. Throughout our lives Raj Mata Ji also blessed us with the Divine teachings.

Therefore, we should conduct our life on the basis of the spiritual teachings. In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that we should surrender to the Almighty Nirankar truly and not superficially. By merely bowing down and touching the holy feet of saints, just to greet by saying God is Great (Dhan Nirankar) is not appropriate. May we accept our life as the will of God; may we express compassion and acceptance for fellow saints unconditionally and prove worthy of being universal global citizens. May we generate humane qualities for the benefit of society. My only submission is that, whenever there is a referral of the relationship between a Guru and a devotee, there is recognition of Avneet Ji and Baba Ji. By taking inspiration from them, may we also live our life in absolute commitment to the will of God (Nirankar) and trust that all is well for us.

We must be resolute and determined to remain steadfast and equipoised in all situations, maintaining a balanced approach for others and ourselves too. With the Divine Grace may everyone act in accordance with the three aspects of spirituality; Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Whenever this fatal virus eradicates from this earth, the same environment of spiritual congregations will revive. As of now, we are listening to video recordings of devotees on Samarpan Diwas. Let there be peace and prosperity in the world always. Let there be no expression of arrogance but, there should be only submission and humility in our behavior. May God (Nirankar) bless all.”

* * *


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