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World Salvation Tour - Toronto (April 28-29, 2018)


Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj blessed Toronto, Canada with Her Divine presence from April 28 to April 30, 2018. Rev. Sudiksha Ji, Rev Ramit Chandna ji, Rev. Gurnam Singh Ji and Rev. Avneet Kaur Ji accompanied Her on this world salvation tour. Many delegates from Canada, USA and across the globe attended the two-day program.

On April 28, the celebrations began with the arrival of Satguru Mata Ji at the Toronto Bhawan. Thousands of devotees welcomed Satguru Mata Ji with various devotional and cultural performances followed by a welcome Sangat.

On April 29, the main Samagam was held at Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton. The theme of this Oneness Conference was ‘Human Unity through Oneness’. Delegates representing various faiths and the Consulate General of India were present at the conference. In addition, Canadian Blood Services presented a certificate of recognition to Her Holiness for the ongoing contributions of the Mission.

At the conference, various speakers emphasized the importance of God Knowledge to unite humanity though Oneness and love.
Also, an exhibition titled “A Timeless Truth” was displayed at the conference. Various exhibits showed that the message of truth propagated by all Prophets has remained the same throughout the ages.

Addressing the huge gathering, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Ji said:
“We often say that Baba ji gave the slogan "Oneness and nothing less than Oneness” or “Connecting Humanity through Oneness” or “Uniting Humanity through Oneness. Saints these are not mere words or just slogans, these have to become the main aim of our lives, it should become our lifestyle. The day these become our lifestyle, our life will be filled with fragrance of devotion and this fragrance will spread the message of this mission to every nook and corner of the world.
When we talk of the world, we often think that this world is so vast how can we convey this message to everyone. Saints, sometime back there was a message on the phone which said “You are not stuck in traffic, You are the traffic.” Saints we often hear the saying “If we are the world, then whom we should change. If we change ourselves, the state of affairs will change”. We have to imbibe these virtues of Oneness in our lives. We are the society, we are the world, we don’t need to keep telling anybody that we have to tell the society to do this or we have to tell everybody in the world to do this. We have heard the message of the mission “Know One, Believe in One and Be One”. The day we realize this formless God, the virtues of Oneness automatically become a part of our lives. We often talk about the 36 years of Baba Ji’s life; He exclusively devoted those 36 years to humanity. Saints, I have also mentioned this in the past that when we talk about those 36 years, if we can imbibe in our lives, only 36 commandments from Baba Ji’s 36 discourses over those 36 years, we can become the tower house which we often talk about. A tower house does not need to proclaim to be the guiding light. Its sole existence is obvious that everyone can seek the directions from it.
May Nirankar bless that every devotee can become like the tower house. And we can take the teachings of Baba Ji’s to each and every corner of the world through our actions. Let’s first imbibe them in our lives and then spread them to the world.”