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Sewadal Camp held in Toronto - 18 July 2015

In preparation for the arrival of His Holiness along with Pujya Mata Ji, the Toronto Branch held a Sewadal Camp on Saturday July 18th 2015. The camp began at 9:30 with registration, opening remarks, and an overview of the history of the Sant Nirankari Mission. Proper conduct and dress for Sewadal members was described and finally a Sewadal rally was held to promote physical fitness.

Distinct to this camp was the fire safety portion that everyone participated in with much enthusiasm. Information was provided on various fire hazards and exit routes were identified followed by an integrative discussion, complete with videos, on the importance of fire safety. Sewadal members were also able to participate in a hand on activity where they learned how to use a fire extinguisher when exposed to a real flame.

In all not only did the camp promote the importance and ideals of selflessly serving but it also practically showed how to do so in the form of various duties that can be done. The camp also acted as an eye opener in terms of expanding integral safety precautions to a larger number of people.