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116 Units collected at 25th Blood Donation Clinic held in Toronto

On October 31st, 2015 the Toronto Branch of The Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM) held its 25th Blood Donation Clinic. The Mission has always been a leader amongst blood donation organizations around the world. It recognizes that blood donations are a vital selfless act, allowing one to help another by transcending caste, color, gender and creed. As such, the Toronto Branch volunteers showed their support by donating a record breaking 116 units of blood potentially saving up to 348 lives.

Inspired by His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji's vision that “Human Blood Should Flow in Veins and Not in Drains”, the SNM Toronto Branch collaborated with Canadian Blood Services and has been holding Blood Donation Clinics since 1997. In just 18 years, the Toronto Branch has been able to hold 25 clinics, with more and more units of blood donated every time by enthusiastic devotees, volunteers and community members. In 2010, the Canadian Blood Services honored SNM Canada with the award of “Partners for Life” for their continued support and dedication in giving back to society.

Due to the passion with which the devotees and volunteers support the Canadian Blood Services each year, a new program called ‘One Match’ was held in accordance with the semiannual Blood Donation Clinic. For this program, members aged 17-35 were able to register to become stem cell donors. This will aid Canadian Blood Services in matching patients battling life threatening diseases with compatible donors in the community.

Through utmost dedication for providing compassionate service to the community, SNM Toronto was able to abide by His Holiness’s teachings of Loving All, and Serving All. By donating blood, and becoming stem cell donors, Sant Nirankari Mission is contributing to the welfare of mankind and paving the way for a better and healthier society.