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Guru Puja Celebration in Toronto

On February 23rd, around the world the entire Nirankari community celebrated Guru Puja Diwas, the birth of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji. In Toronto, the celebration started on the 23rd and continued until the 24th, a two day event held at the bhawan attended by hundreds of devotees.

On the 23rd, the night was filled with spiritual songs accompanied by a joyous atmosphere. Several younger members of the congregation participated by playing instruments and singing along too. The evening closed with a discourse. This discourse conveyed the message that true worship of your Guru comes from imbibing your teacher’s words into one’s life.

The next day, the program encompassed a rally with volunteers from sewa dal groups. The whole congregation hall was filled as exercises were performed. Almost 200 volunteers gathered to participate in the rally. The volunteers collectively gathered donations for Guru Puja and presented the envelope that day.

Thereafter, the program included several skits performed by sewa dal. The skits showed messages of unity, harmony, and changing one’s life by living as a true devotee. The skits had very humorous moments which conveyed very important messages. Many youth took part in these skits, where they acted out the lives of those who live spiritually and those that do not live according to spiritual teachings.

The spiritual messages described the state of mind that makes it hard for people to coexist when they do not have god knowledge. As such, people do not have the attitude of gratitude in life, which makes it a difficult existence for many people. With constant remembrance of god knowledge, and following a path of spirituality, one can have bliss in life.

In celebration of Guru Puja Diwas, every year the congregation donates food to the less fortunate. Similarly, this year the congregation continued on this path by donating tons of food. The efforts are increasing every year, where the food drive successfully surpassed the expectations of those who received the food. Member of the Canadian Parliament for Brampton West sent a representative to attend the celebrations.