Requirements For Viewers Viewing Live Broadcast

Viewing Live Broadcast In Flash Platform

Viewing Live Broadcast On Flash Platform

Issues viewing Live Broadcast Using Flash Player

If any issues in receiving live coverage, please send email to [email protected]

Link to view Live broadcast would be accessible from home page of SNM Web Site  only during hours of live broadcast.

Viewing Live Broadcast

Viewing Live Broadcast On Smartphone


Issues viewing Live Broadcast Using Windows Media Player

Before going into reporting and checking for common issues, make sure to see live requirements section .

    Getting only audio connection and no video

    Please check your internet speed. To be able to get audio and video connections together, you need to
    be on broadband connection. If you are not on broadband connection, you are suggested to view          samagam from archive section

    In order to check your internet connection speed, follow following steps

    a) Go to url
    b) Click on "Test speed to XXX" (pick server which is closest to you)
    c) Wait for connection speed test to finish. Identify the download speed indicated. Make sure your download speed is more then 400 kbps to see low resolution video or more than 600 kbps to receive high resolution video.

    My connection gets dropped

    Connection may get randomly dropped because of various issues like your connectivity issue or any issue at server side. Best option to correct the same is go back to live site and reconnect.

    Page Not Found Error

    This error typically means you are not connected to internet. To identify whether you are connected to internet or not, please go to any public site like .com. Check if you are connected to the site.
    If you identify that you are able to connect to public sites but not to nirankari server, then close all your browsers, clear your cache and cookies and reconnect to server. If problem persists, contact internet team by sending email to [email protected]

    Video Is not clear

    The video broadcast quality is based on the speed of internet connection from samagam ground. This may be of varying quality from event to event.

    Make sure you are viewing the live event using broadband connection and your download speed is more then 400 kbps. Use the steps above to check the connection speed. Identify your connection speed, your windows media player version and report problem with the above information.

If you do not have high bandwidth available then you should attempt to view samagam from Archived Samagam page.