Getting Started With Nirankari Forums

1)  To start with we need to browse to our mission's website

2) Please enter the username and password in the logon fields available at the bottom left of the website homepage. Click on the sign in link as shown above. If the login information is correct you will be taken to individual user's home page as shown below.

3) Please click on the Forum link as shown in the above picture. The forum link is available on the left hand bottom side above the search field. Once clicked you will be taken to the forum page.

4) On the forum page you can view who is currently online and also various forums (or topics) created for discussion. Examples Spiritual Stories, Spiritual Personal Experiences or Words of Wisdom etc.

Each of these Forums show many threads that are available for discussion and how many replies have been received. The link to the last post on the Forum is also shown.

Let us for example take the Forum Spiritual Stories. If we click on it as shown below we will be taken to list of topics being discussed in it.


5) Clicking on any one thread will take the user to the discussions happening within that thread. Thread is like an email chain where certain topic is being discussed.

6) If user would like to discuss a new topic with fellow saints, click on "New Thread"


6) The user can go to the forum homepage by clicking on Forum on top box of the forum pages as depicted below.


7) The latest posts can be read by clicking on “Show Latest Posts” link.

8) To read a thread or posting just click on it as shown below.

9) To reply or provide your comments on the discussion thread click on the reply link under any post

10) To post a new topic thread click on New Thread link as shown below.
Let us for example create a new thread. Click on the New thread link as shown above. You will taken to the following page.


Please create the new topic subject heading by typing in the “Subject” box.  Type your message by typing in the message box.


And then click submit at the bottom of the message box to post the message.

11) If you like some discussion going on and you would like an email be sent to your registered email account, when someone posts replies, please click on Subscribe link for the thread and any discussion happening in thread shall be notified to you via email

12) If you would like to participate in discussion going on, you can click on "Reply Topic" and your message shall be posted in that thread as well.

All saints are requested to participate in discussion .

13 Also refer to Forum Help for any more questions about Forum Usage. Forum Help can be accessed by clicking Help Link as show below.


Watch The Video With Instruction For How To Use SNM Forums

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