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Winter Sleepout - 2018

It is heartbreaking to see that in a developed nation like Australia, over 100,000 people are still living on the streets, as they have no roof which they can call their home. Life for these people can get quite hard, especially during winters when temperatures reach near zero. Sleeping becomes hard and they suffer all kinds of diseases that are associated with cold and frosty nights.

The rest of course, who are accustomed to comforts of life seem to take such comforts for granted, not realizing the difficulties the homeless people face on a daily basis.

It is these helpless and poor people that charities like Mission Australia help. Their dedicated drive for raising funds for the homeless has led to the development of an event called “Winter Sleepout” in which members of the public participate and help raise funds for this worthy cause.

This year, Network of Faith Communities organised a Winter Sleepout in Sant Nirankari Mission Congregation Hall, Glendenning Road, Glendenning on August 24, 2018. Everyone was encouraged to be part of this noble cause to support the homeless in Australia and helped in raising funds. Network of Faith Communities (NoFC) is collaborative effort between different faith organisations in Blacktown to jointly hold events for community welfare. Presently God is Good Church, Sant Nirankari Mission and Hebersham Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are members of the NoFC.

The event was well received and children, youngsters, adults and elderly from the public participate with enthusiasm and dedication. The children brought baked items like cupcakes to put up in stalls and raised funds for the cause.

There was live music, food, movies and bonfires to keep the children and youngsters entertained and occupied.

The event was also visited by the Mayor of Blacktown, Honorary Stephen Bali who congratulated the event team for organising the event and raising funds for this worthy cause.