Report on Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji & Bhen Niranjan Kaur ji visit, August 2019

Written by
Aman Sareen

Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji along with Bhen Niranjan Kaur ji visited Phoenix from Aug 29-31. The saints received his blessing over the two days wherever he want for lunch/dinner or during the two sangats that were arranged during his visits. Sharing his personal experiences during the discourses over the two days, Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji said:

Baba Ramchand ji and Rajkavi ji always used to say to concentrate during Sangat and listen to saints when we are in Sangat. There is no bhakti without fear of God. Initially I didn’t understand this but soon realized the importance of it when during sangat my mind was wandering around and not letting me listen carefully to the holy words of saints.
During one of the discourses Babaji said "today man is unhappy not due to his own sorrows but due to others being happy". Once there was a saint who organized a big sangat and prasad when he got promoted and got an increment of Rs. 15,000. However after a few days he stopped coming to sangat. When a saint asked him why he is not coming to sangat he said that Babaji is unfair to him. Upon asking for further details, he said that his neighbor got a promotion and he got an increment of Rs. 19,000.
Speaking on Faith and what Satguru’s sewa can do, Rev. Sukhdev ji said once he fell down and broke his ankle. He was doing sewa and felt why this happened to him. Many months later someone came to his shop and asked him what happened to his foot. The person mentioned that today he met someone who was possessed by some spell and said that Rev. Sukhdev ji was not supposed to have a leg but due to sewa he just got a fracture.
Guru can change our destiny: Once in Mussoorie, someone was reading the lines on the hand and said to someone that he will be arrested for murder and creating riot situation. However due to Guru's grace nothing of that sort happened to that person.
Grace of Guru: Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji narrated a story about a person who was living in a small hut. His neighbor used to taunt him that your Guru has not done anything for him as he is only living in a hut. One day a big storm came and ruined his hut. His neighbor taunted him again and said look your Guru couldn’t even save your hut. However the person said that it’s the grace of his Guru that he was not home otherwise the hut would have fallen on him and could have killed him.
When we take the divine knowledge, ordinary people are called saints. This is the magic of the Sant Nirankari Mission.
Tera bhana meetha laagae”. Once someone sad very bad things to Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji. He could have said something back but remained quiet and did Simran. Next day during his discourse Baba Hardev Singh ji mentioned that when my gursikh (disciple) remain quiet when others talk ill to them then all their blames comes to Babaji himself and the gurusikh does not get any blame, however if the gursikh also reacts and says unkind words to others then the gursikh himself is responsible for his actions.
Brahmgyan (God knowledge) will not stay in us if our thoughts are not pure. For this we need to continue to do Sewa, Simran & Sangat. We get Sewa, Simran & Sangat due to Satguru’s blessings. Sangat is the food for soul. Sewa is of three type: body, mind & material.
Importance of sewa: Once while touring with Babaji, he went to Film City in Hyderabad and felt very sick. He had very high fever but all the tests he got done came out good. No one could figure out the reason for the high fever. One day back in Amritsar at his home, he was sleeping when Rev. Rajkavi ji came and asked him to go with him to the Bhawan. He gave a sweeper to him and one for himself and both of them did sewa in the Bhawan. Within few minutes he started to feel fine. He narrated another story where once a family from England came to Amritsar whose daughter was not doing well. Rev. Rajkavi ji did lot of Simran but no affect. He asked them to do some sewa at Bhawan and after a few minutes she started to feel better.
Importance of sangat: Once a person told him that he will not come to sangat as Nirankar is everywhere and he does not have to come to sangat. After a few months he brought his daughter to get blessings as she was leaving her home after marriage to her husband’s home. Rev. Sukhdev ji asked the girl that she does not need to go to her husband’s home as she can remember him sitting in his father’s home. Her father understood that the words were really meant for him and not his daughter. Just like her daughter cannot feel the love of her husband without being with him, we cannot feel the love of sangat and Nirankar without attending sangat. Nirankar is like our husband, we are like wifes and Sadh sangat is like our husband’s house. Just like a girl goes to her husband’s house after marriage, after getting Brahmgyan (God knowledge), we have to go to Sangat. We know our worth when we come to sangat. All our work is done when we come to sangat. Everything belongs to God, then why we take the stress and worries. We need to connect the soul with supersoul or Nirankar. Soul gets purified by coming to sangat.
Why does Satguru ask’s us to donate money: A parent works hard to earn money to provide food to kids. If the kids give some food to parents then the kid gets lot of praise from the parents. Similarly when we give some money that this Satguru is giving us, then we get praise. Satguru wants us to be praised by others that is why Satguru asks us to do sewa with money or to donate money. The sweet from a shop becomes prasad (divine food) when we bring it to sangat.
How much Simran we have to do: Once a saint was sick and he was told to do sewa. He asked how long he should do sewa. Rev. Sukhdev Singh ji asked him how many meals a day he has and the man replied 3. Rev. Sukhdev ji then said that he should stop having breakfast upon which the person said he will feel very weak if he does not eat breakfast. Upon this Rev. Sukhdev ji explained similarly our soul gets weak when we do not do Sewa and Simran. We have to do this always and it’s not time bound for some duration.
Importance of Simran: God is looking after us but we don’t remember God. Who saved Draupadi? God saved her, but only when she remembered God. Previously she was calling for help from people and they couldn’t help but the moment she called God, God answered her prayer.


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