Report on Rev. Nand Ahuja ji's visit, December 2017

Written by
Aman Sareen

Rev. Nand Ahuja ji, President SNM Colorado, Denver branch visited Phoenix, AZ from Dec 8-11, 2017. During his visit, two congregasion were held where saints recieved Rev. Ahuja ji's blessings. Following is a brief summary of wisdom enriched words of various saints and the final discourse from Rev. Nand Ahuja ji during the congregation held on Sunday, Dec 10, 2017.

We come to the congregation, to let the feelings of cooperation and service prosper further, and to learn from fellow saints and their lives. This is the greatness of congregation, that we're not limited to learning from ancient scriptures alone - we get to learn from saints who spend their entire lives in giving happiness and peace to others. God remembrance is achieved by multiple channels, some stay awake the whole night, some spend their time in worshipping through service. From the congregation, we're able to see the person as a whole and are not limited to looking their outward appearances. We see the spiritual existence in them. This is the basis of the Nirankari mission. When we bow to them, we don't bow to their physical form but rather the spiritual being in them.

Satguru has given us this divine knowledge so we can make our life whole, complete. There is a verse from the Upanishads, whatever we can see with our eyes is complete, This Nirankar is also complete. If we disintegrate the matter, we will get to the smallest possible form of matter and energy and then even smaller is nothing, but there is Nirankar there. Those who can adapt this completeness in their life can feel blessed. We fear about energy that can harm us, a wild animal may not hurt us, someone may not shoot us, worries is what saints say we can get rid of when we are complete and are connected to Nirankar. When we have human values of tolerance, compassion and love in our heart, then we are complete, we have no fear then. The saint only fear that they don’t do anything that their Satguru won’t be happy to learn, that they don’t hurt or dishonor the saints.

Gurbani says there is no incompleteness or shortness, our soul forgets the presence of this Nirankar, that’s why he feels incomplete. We seek worldly titles, like a politician wants to be a minister, then Chief Minister and then Prime Minister. However this Nirankar has already blessed us with this complete life, we have to realize it. What is this shortcoming that is disturbing us? Any material thing, position, status, relationship, etc. never completes us. When we get a title, we feel scared that of losing the title as we think what will others think of us. When we are not attached to divine knowledge, when we are not attached to Nirankar and the teachings of the Satguru, then we feel incomplete. Anger, ego is most harmful to us. Anger comes to those who have a lot of ego. The scriptures teach us that we should be a witness of what we are doing and thinking. We know the best who we are, not our siblings, not our parents, not our friends. We know who we truly are. We have to be witness of our 3rd personality. The more we watch it and get rid of it, the more we will feel connected to Nirankar. We learn all this when we come to sangat. Completeness should be our aim and goal and we should strive to get to that goal.

Gurbani says: Our troubles end with remembrance of God. A saint share a story where they were at a funeral and there was tea served in disposable glasses. Some people threw the glasses out. Some saints collected the paper glasses after the funeral and burned them in order to clean the grounds. Other people present were impressed by such actions since no one in the past had cleaned the grounds after the event. People clean prior to the event and not after. Similarly when we hold Samagam, we clean the ground with enormous sewa from the saints since it is asked by the Satguru.

We often feel our abilities are ours, and forget that they are blessings of the Satguru. May we always remember who is giving us the abilities. We seek an immediate resolution to all problems. During State of thoughtlessness, we are truly one with God. God is perfection! There is always room for improvement in everything we do.

The youth also sang a devotional song titled: Humanness

Following is a summary of the discourse by Rev. Nand Ahuja ji:

Dear saints say with love and regards, Dhan Nirankar ji. Please accept love and Dhan Nirankar from the saints of Colorado congregation.

Message to the youth, stay awake and connected. Make the words of the song they sang into actions. The mission has a long history of Gurus that came to guide us on the path of spirituality.

The love and inspiration that we received from Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji can never be forgotten. Through God knowledge, we realize that we are all part of one family. In real estate the three important words are location, location, location. In spirituality the three important words are perspective, perspective, and perspective. Body is limited, but the knowledge of God is limitless.

Let's not waste even a single moment to take in all the joy and love our Lord. We all owe our smiles and happiness to our Satguru for He has connected us to God. We should sit in sangat with feeling of full surrender. Try to merge with this One and all sorrows and suffering will vanish. As human beings we have the power to love and spread smiles. This is not taught at any school, but given to us with the grace of God.

* Sewa--Selfless Service
* Satsang--Company of saints
* Simran--God Remembrance

These are the tools that Satguru has given us to lead a blissful life. We can make heaven or hell based on our actions right here on earth. Let's pray that we can always have the feeling of gratitude at all times. The attitude of our gratitude should be very high. We are divine beings and are capable of spreading love and spirituality. We can shape a piece a wood into a beautiful flute that gives joy to others or we can shape it into an arrow that harms others. We have a choice on which side we want. We have been taught to remain humble, to keep the feeling of 'Daas', a servant.


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